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Veronique Frederick  NC🌛🌞 🌜 | Old soul | Artist of all sorts | DM to shoot 📍Back to Pittsburgh to stay Dec. 16th I post more on ⤵️

Because I accidentally deleted this last night in my sleep apparently ...☹️

Thankful to have met this ray of sunshine 🖤 thank you for always being my ride or die, my one to vent to and my encourager. I love our adventures together and even though our long distance friendship is soon to be even longer, I know we will continue to stay close and watch each other accomplish our dreams 💫

I don’t know where to even begin with this one but...
I’ve made the very difficult decision to move back home to Pennsylvania this month. I have been going back and fourth about it for a little now and now that everything is coming full circle, I know it will be best for me. My time in Wilmington and in North Carolina has been amazing and I have had the greatest opportunities come my way.
I moved here to start a new chapter of my life that included modeling, freedom, and finding myself, alone. I believe I did all that. I am so, so thankful for everyone I have met and got to create with and am so sad there are still so many I haven’t gotten to yet! (But I will be be back) I am beyond glad I got to call this place home for a year.
Given the circumstances I moved here on, along with learning certain things and people have made my own living conditions toxic, has really pushed me to realize that this is a phase in my life I’m ready to move on from. When you don’t feel your heart there anymore, it is time for a change.
I want to focus on finishing nursing school and really just go from there. I’m ready to have family around me again too. This is really just the beginning for me and although part of me is devastated I know that even better things are to come.
Thank you to everyone who has filled my heart up with their love a long this crazy journey here, again I am so thankful for every one of you. I want to see as many as I can of you before I go so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me 🖤🖤🖤

Twisted and dark
That’s what you made my heart

It’s better to burn out than to fade away

Reposting some of these since my silly self posted them in bad quality the first time 🙃

My feed is all over the place but it’s fine just like my life but it’s fine everything’s fine 🙃 I just like this photo at sunset earlier


I grew up going to car shows almost every weekend in the summers with my dad and I never once complained, I grew a love for them as much as him I’d say. Home, my parents, my dad especially, have been in my mind and heart so much lately. It’s hard to establish yourself so far away. I have such a love/ hate relationship with Wilmington. It’s a strange town, trying to find its identity much like most people that have ended up here. Being a retirement and college community with a mix of tourists who intended on a short stay but ended up staying instead. I am one of those people just trying to make it work and find my path. Sometimes that’s all you have to do is give yourself time. Time to know who you and where you want to be.

Out of the black, into the blue
with my love @celestecall 🖤

My soul is old
My body is young
My mind drifts in between

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