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Went where the wind blew me today and ended up at this cute spot💕

Life is so not perfect but it is indeed beautiful, and I will continue to live for 3am disasters, airport pianists and smelly airplane passengers who steal my window seat 💞✈️ READ ABOUT MY MORNING ⬇️⬇️ At 3:13 this morning I hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes and literally ran downstairs. To my surprise... I had a few minutes to spare.. 3 minutes to grab food out of my own fridge, a rarity on my travel mornings. Feeling accomplished I took my undercooked breakfast out of the microwave at 70 seconds, ready to run out the door and ooof course, my breakfast slid right off my ready-to-go paper plate and splattered all over the cubbords and floor. Lovely. Just. What. I. wanted.🙃 With that I let out a regretful laugh, grabbed a cheese stick and headed out the door.
Life happens and I got to the airport just in time, slid through TSA in minutes and with little wait boarded a tiny plane that would take me to my first stop.
As I waited my turn to scootch down the isle to my 5E window seat I saw a stranger in my seat with the isle seat next to him open. Cool, he’s in my seat. I said hello and then awkwardly sat in my (not assigned) seat...Do I say something? Do I let him have it? I told him not to worry about it and I went on my way in 5D, my new isle seat. Let me tell you friends, my new seat buddy was quite smelly. So I tried really hard not to breathe out of my nose. This was fine until Mr. friendly made conversation (just as I normally would) because it is rather difficult to hold a conversation while only breathing out of your mouth... Anyways we had a nice flight and I could tell he tried to share the window view of the beautiful sunrise. I couldn’t help but notice him staring out the window the entire flight and I’ve got to tell you it made me smile. Maybe it was his first time on a plane. And maybe it wasn’t. But in times like these I am reminded to let the little things go and to live with a more gentle heart. Xo

omw to call #losangeles home for a little while longer

Off to great places ✈️

Happy #nationalsiblingday to my cup of tea and my best friend 💛 Love you Livvy

Lovely day in the sunshine with @jaydenhbecker ☀️

Incredibly lucky to work alongside such incredible women and learn from the 🔝 industry professionals! #nextgenpr

Wish I was eating an Açaí bowl with Liv and Karen and not going to 3 more classes today 😑 (CAFFEINE BUZZ)

Love Soph 💓

In need of some @alfred coffee rn, someone please hook me up 🙏

Name a better study spot 🌞🌴

on bae watch 😉

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