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roots !

today's my last day of highschool and I'm thinking about how many goals I have and I'm so excited to be able to start some of them soon?? You guys can leave lists too if ya want (no particular order)
1. Own a farm (no killing animals, just eggs and milk and vegetables and whatever)
2. Own a business. Idc what. Lmao. Something art related
3. Publish at least one poetry book
4. Make my own jewelry from home. (Rock hunting, get a rock tumbler, etc)
5. Make something glass at least once / learn how to blow glass
6. Learn how to make clay beads and jewelry !! 7. Improve painting and drawing etc immensely
8. Design buttons, shirts, pins, patches, calendars, note pads, coloring books, whatever the FUQ I want !!! 9. Grow weed. A lot. Mostly for myself
10. Work with animals. Really, I want to own my own bunny shelter where I save them / take them from people who don't want them and raise them and find them new homes if possible. (Where I do a thorough check to make sure their new home is good and whatever ) but if they can't find a new home I wanna just have a huge farm that grows enough vegetable so we can keep them. I'm literally GOING to do this is one of my most important goals
11. Go full vegan
12. Live in the woods
13. Live in the city
14. Graduate from college lmao fingers crossed
15. Travel, but I don't know where to? Is that weird ? I just love Washington so much lol
16. On my farm I must have things like goats and chickens and stuff. Duck and cow too. piggy. any animal I WANT I'm taking
16. Must have flowers
17. Learn how to dance again (I did dance class for 8 years, I haven't been able to dance since my anxiety disorders starting setting in)
17. Adopt most of my kids whether I marry a girl or a boy or any person! Fcuk I ain't ever wanna be pregnant
18. Covered in tattoos and all the piercings I please
19. B happy
20. Touch tiddies for reals at least ONE time in my life. :/

I just put her up for sale on my Depop !! Link in bio ❤️

Fuck Mondays and cramps

this was SPOOKY
Comment good sites to read spooky / paranormal stories on???

My favorite pic so far. LOOOK AT HIIIMMM so classy

Prom with this dapper man 💝⚡️ @alientheodore

Pyiper did it so I did it

I wanna come back to this later and add an intricate detailed background and add a few more things to her dupatta scarf but I'm in looovveee with the colors tbh (sorry I'm posting so many pics of her !!)


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