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the wave.

and nothing ever changes. #hypernormalisation #adamcurtis #youtube #bbc #documentary // available here: https://youtu.be/-fny99f8amM then watch #thecenturyoftheself

05042017 :: auntie donna encapsulates my mood af. // excited + humbled to work w| these geniuses @tony.kill + @tmillerfilms+ @grayurban + @jackinslee. #withoutmeaning #waitforit #xodvf

wednesday's in may.

05022017 :: in celebration of my birthday a few weeks ago, my mother offered words of wisdom. unlike prior years, ladened with educational and career goals- she, the woman who gave me life, offered me permission. permission to celebrate myself and permission to care for myself without guilt. "do things for you," she insisted. and in four simple words, she liberated the child she birthed, once again. // many thanks to @caudalie at @citycenterdc for today's facial treatment + new additions to my skin care regimen. currently reading founder @mathildethomas' @thefrenchbeautysolution + perhaps a grape detox is in my future. ha. i'm glowing y'all - thought you should know. #xodvf

05012017 :: push // new month. new feels. new projects. new focus. featuring photographer @grayurban + designer @ayanazaire of zaire studios + a host of other creative beings // more to come. #xodvf

04292017 :: here. hear. #xodvf

04262017 :: the resistance is not your only responsibility right now - identify, nurture, support your own breathe. #xodvf

04202017 :: be careful with people who slow strip your identity to feed their ego. -@elusivemetaphors \\ design by @elleest_ | photography by @grayurban #xodvf

04192017 :: i read whenever afforded clarity of mind + time + space. this year i've challenged myself to document the books i read via @goodreads. my modest goal is 100 books in 2017; thanks to my current unplanned "sabbatical", i'm already half way through. today, i completed an epic thought provoking 950-page tome by @hansulrichobrist featuring 70 fascinating interviews with great minds from inside and outside the art world born between 1900 and 1989, organized by date of birth. i picked up this signed copy last november at @artbasel #score!!! it's well worth the 3 month stop+start read. | q: what are you currently #reading? #xodvf

04172017 :: i was invited to take the @ted stage for a 2nd time this saturday, april 22nd w| @tedxfoggybottom alongside genocide scholars, evolutionary ecologists, space pharmacologists and activists. can you guess what my talk topic will be? *hint: i talked about the criminalization of immigrants and the prison profits that drive it during my 1st #tedtalk. // reserve tickets here: http://tedxfoggybottom.com/2017 // photograph by @gokateshoot for @washingtonpost #xodvf

what she said.

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