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desirée venn frederic  installation artist + writer + social entrepreneur at the intersection of history + art + commerce. @combingcottonco @nomadyard. 📍: washington dc


10142017 .../ i like it when a place has been around long enough that there is a kind of tension between the way it was originally designed to look and the way it looks now. thanks to @freersackler for renovating + improving upon the freer gallery while maintaining a sense of familiarity at the sackler. this weekend's #illuminasiafs grand reopening festival was full of spectacle + wonder! oh, plus the outdoor asian street food market of my dreams. *see my insta #story for more w| @djqbert + the host with the most @drzzl + live #mural painting from @maspaz @misschelove @superwaxx + screen printing from @soulandinkcrew + "a perfect harmony", a wondrous light projection by tony award winning design studio, #59_productions.
the festival continues tomorrow from 11a-5p. go visit! \... pictured with @subodhguptastudio's monumental installation, 'terminal' captured by @tonygyerr.
#xodvf #wdc #freersackler #smithsonian #nationalmall #artfestival #foodfestival #freeindc #instagood

10152017 .../ the practical + the fanciful. \... caputured by @nephie._ w| @latenightdinnerfix post lecture on mexicos nobodies: the cultural legacy of the soldadera and afro-mexican women
by dr. christine arce, assoc professor modern languages and literatures, university of miami. #xodvf #fieldday #vintage





disciplined. // shot in collaboration w| @grayurban x @latenightdinnerfix #xodvf

10092017 .../ it's a new season, take cue. // celebrate the human, the marks people make on the world. treasure the local, the small-scale, the eccentric and the ordinary- whatever is made out of caring. respect what people have built for themselves. find beauty in nature- she teaches us about ourselves. embracing the new moon in aries and ready for the harvest. \... #tbt to hiking w| @filson1897 @prettygirlshike shot by @laurametzlerphoto.

10092017 .../ never stop learning.

10052017 .../ if my life journey has proven anything to me it is that i am capable. every season has brought immense opportunity for growth- spiritual, mental and emotional. my story is far from over but i am grateful to my creator for seeing me fit to carry these experiences. it's my belief that our experiences are not merely for our suffering but perhaps an opportunity to show others that they too can survive.
tonight, i am an invited speaker at the school of international service at @Americanuniversity. i'm grateful for every opportunity and humbled time and time again.
to my village, you know who you are, THANK YOU!
xo \... photo credit: @gokateshoot at @kreegermuseum

10052017 .../ archiving 18 years worth of collectibles x cast offs x museum quality antiques x vintage designer garments x accessories. i smell a private museum in the making but first, this never ending catalog. #work #backatit

"i am so tired of waiting,
aren't you,
for the world to become good
and beautiful and kind?
let us take a knife
and cut the world in two
and see what worms
are eating at the rind." langston hughes // feeling the weight + being ever protective of my tender spirit. #xodvf

10012017 .../ because i relish stories of transcending one's beginnings + pushing societal limitations + complicating one's identify + owning one's narrative. sunday night reads \... congrats to @laflare1017

10012017 .../ *warning, #issa #politicalpost . read at your own risk. \... i interviewed with think progress, an editorially independent project of the center for american progress action fund, this morning. asked to explain my stance on the hypocrisy that is immigration, i impeled the journalist to consider a few points- 1. that europeans, the so called "white" man, is also a foreigner. 2. the united states' economic dependency on the prison industrial complex and that immigrants are the new market. and lastly, 3. we cannot discuss immigration without getting at the crux of the matter and the reason why people flee their home. melanated bodies who leave "home" and emigrate do so as a direct result of u.s. imperialism- war, famine, economic disturbance, genocide, etc. i ended the interview referencing @wu_shire's 'home'. i encourage you to read + digest it. #linkinbio /| ever mindful, i am thankful for the place i call home as so many are without.|\ photo credit: @vrs.photo for @framebridge.

09302017 .../ it is fitting perhaps that these fluid, wide leg, velvet pants with its vibrant avocado green- the color of 1960s linoleum are my favorite pantaloons of the season. |/ in collaboration w| @grayurban x @latenightdinnerfix \| shop the look on @modcloth #linkinbio

اﺮﻜﺷ refusing to buy what this world is selling- lack, despair, poverty. knowing. believing there is enough, so i say thank you. / @nayyirah.waheed #shukran #prosperityconsciousness. #abundance #givethanks

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