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Bobbie Leigh 

Island feeeels done proper 🍈

Rented the island for the day, I can do what I want 😛

Yesterday was my favorite day on the island 😌

Getting over my fear of my bare feet touching the ocean floor...I’m just out here livin’ #teamnowatershoes

My breakfast be consisting of the most bomb and exotic fruits 😌 I’m in paradise 💦😛

My new name is Fa Ying

Tomorrow’s my birthday, I’m growing 🌱
📷: @khilil_

I’ve been lucid dreaming and documenting most of my dreams for the past couple of years now. This morning I spent a hour reading some of them and it was surreal seeing the connection between the reality of my life during those times, my unconscious thoughts, and even the symbolisms like how often certain people or things kept reoccurring in my dreams depending on where I was at in life. I don’t care what anyone says, dreams are the vital signs of our intuition and our ability to predict the future. Freud was on to something big, and Michio Kaku is on to something even bigger. Not sorry to get all deep on you 😏
📷: @missinglewood

I don’t wanna “grow up”.
📸: @khilil_

Taken by Akira Nakamura


He told me to tuck my collar in I said nah bruh that's just my bones 😏 haha happy Tuesday guys

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