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I AM ⭐️ MISS 💗DAINTY 💗DOLL  ✨ do more of what makes you happy ✨ 🔞Fine art model ♥️ Free spirit 📍 from Vegas, currently in California 🚨Turn on post notifications

✖️created by synergy and enigma ✖️ I make it a point to be a non conformist. To love myself. I rise from the ashes. I transform from your darkest of dreams. ✖️

Whiskey on my breath 🖤 my only prayer to god is, to ask for death 💀 I still smell your perfume like you never left. miss the late nights, you leaving hickeys on my neck ♥️

♥️🚨 They probably think I signed with Satan. But I got God on my side, down to ride. So if you hating on me goddamn you evil. 🚨♥️

🖤〰 if you seen what I seen you'd be traumatized. & if he says his heart is kind, know that man a lie. I'm trying to die alive. 〰🖤

be young ♥️ be dope ♥️ be wild ♥️ be free

⭐️Your darkness steals the light i built for both of us. When you look me in the eyes, I feel you cover me up ⭐️

🖤 S P I N E 〰 S H I V E R S 🖤

🖤⭐️ love is a bitch. ⭐️🖤

Just be a boss 😎

A bit wobbly but I got it. My face haha 😂

🌻🌼 It's not about being perfect. It's about progression. Let's do some badass cool shit today! Goin up on a Tuesday 🤙🏻🍃😉

🖤 how I start my days! Challenging myself, doing weird shit, being upside down 🙃

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