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Spam Account  I'm just a little person in a really big world.

Sit down Archiehoe. "Next Joke"
This is for my favv, Jess, who is an amazing friend and Ilysm ❤️
Cc: StarryGrimes
Ac: @multisnowdrick

And suddenly it was too much...too soon. -
I finished this edit about 2 months ago and forgot to post it here sorry, but enjoy. Also know that I cried while making this
(Just realized this has my @xriverhale watermark so I may repost it)

Just going to post all my old supercorp edits 3/3

Just going to post all my old supercorp edits 2/3

Just going to post all my old supercorp edits 1/3

Rain drop
Drop top
Lmao u thought thought (I was in so many fandoms)

Keep in mind these edits are from 2-3 years ago when I was in the DM fandom and was mainly a photo editor which I'll post some of

Ooh another one

I found my first video edits sosnzia. I'm going to post them all lmao

Who remembers this? I miss it with the whole cast

"Game Over"
"Mom was the only person who ever really loved me"
I miss her sm, but also think she's alive??
Defenition of deserved better.
Tried some new effects, comment what you think 💚
Ac: @cynicalobrien (I just added voiceovers)
Effect Ib: @cynicalobrien again, her edits slay

Rowan + Corey
Collab with my amazing best friend @multixfilms. Her part slays 💕
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 14 & After Effects
Ac: @nooradefensesquad

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