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👾xMissFame Gaming💞  **I PLAY GAMES WITH NO PANTS ON** Widow main // i learned from the best. @Kephrii / Level:560 comp:2785 Fortnite wins: 3 Xbox one: xMissFame🎮

Another solo Fortnite win! I should probably play this alot more :/ Xbox gt: xMissFame #fortnite #xboxone

Got an xbox one?! Add me! Gamer Tag: xMissFame

Dont play Fortnite as much as Overwatch but i got my first solo win! Always come around 3rd-2nd but this time your girl finally took the win lmao, back to squads i go though:) Xbox gt: xMissFame
#fortnite #xboxone

When your team just cant kill anything on the payload I BRING OUT MY WIDOWMAKER RAGE

Xbox gt: xMissFame

Have another one bc ive missed uploading my widow clips for a good few months:( so sorry guys lmao
Xbox gt: xMissFame

Been a while since i posted anything, but im back! Dont have anything new to post rn but heres an old clip from a few weeks ago! Xbox one: xMissFame

Starting to play alot of six siege lately, BUT look at this bullshiiitt lmfaooo thanks @buckoac247

Xbox gt: xMissFame

I finally killed Nergigante! Took me so many tries! Only boss in the game ive really thought was challenging :) #monsterhunterworld

Xbox gt: xMissFame

Im about to fight the two dragon twins fookin bring it lads #monsterhunterworld xbox gt: xMissFame

Been playing alot of monster hunter and honestly the trailer did not do the game justice. Its so fucking good. Heres a cute snap of my adorable companion sambo:) xbox gt: xMissFame #monsterhunterworld

I just wanted to say a massive happy birthday to an incredible boyfriend a girl could ever wish for. @xlukebuckleyx Im so incredibly lucky to have known you from when you was aba 15 and the change in you is unbelievable. I really hope you have a wonderful time tonight and i cannot wait to spend it with you and your family. I love you so much. Happy 19th birthday homeslice! P.s. NO LOOTBOXES. WE EARN THEM. NOT BUY.


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