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Miguel Farias  "Start adding new memories to the old ones." | YVC.

Come Back For Me - Jaymes. Thanks for an amazing moving performance last night! Your unexpected tour took me and many others by surprise! Thanks for coming home - we missed you that it SOLD OUT! Anyways, thanks for helping me along in life! #jaymesyoung #feelsomethingtour #indie


Actual size of the Space Needle and I. 🌞

'Yeah, it’s a good thing to be depressed,’ but that it’s better to accept depression rather than trying to block out the darkness. It’s about accepting it, accepting who you are, and accepting what life is.

Once you accept how shit life is, it’s actually quite fun, It may sound like a negative thing to say, but it’s true—it’s a lot easier to enjoy life when you’re not trying to force it into some kind of grand vision of what it should be. So this is really kind of a positive-negative album, if that makes sense.” - Oliver Sykes
Seeing Oliver Sykes in person was so surreal. The man that has helped me and shaped me in some way to the person I am today; the man that has picked me up when I've been in my lowest, performed his songs right into my heart live! Truly happy that I was able to see Oliver and to many of you this may sound 'stupid' but to me it's meaningful. If you're still thinking 'x' well, Oliver would say something along the lines like: 'fuck off.' I will never forget this night and hope to some day experience this again! #bmth #theamericannightmaretour #sempiternal #suıcideseason #thatsthespirit #doomed

Experienced the greatest night of my life tonight! I have been waiting over 6 years to see my all time favorite band and tonight I got the chance to see Bring Me The Horizon live! Thank you, Oliver Sykes. You've helped me so much in my life with your songs. Love you! @bmthofficial @olobersykes #theamericannightmaretour

It all begins with the first drink.

Thanks for the night guys! #21

New Years 2017 ✨

Leavenworth 2016 ☃️

Vong's 21st bday! 🎉💕

Another Thanksgiving together! Love you guys!

It gives us not only an escape but to be happy for no reason at all. We find people who accept you for who you are, and those moments make the best memories. ❤️️ #Freaknight

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