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Me: post-mental-breakdown nap sounds great. Universe: fuck you (two car alarms start going off, also some sort of power tool (?))
Zachary and I have been putting a lot of focus into chakra work lately. We, as individuals and as a couple, have experienced serious trauma. It's interesting the way the situation effected us each differently, getting in touch with those symptoms and dysfunctions, and creating a map to our effected chakras in order to find a place to start healing. For me, it's not surprise my #sacralchakra is suffering. I have lots of pain coming from this region and plenty of other physical symptoms. I'm learning to let myself purge and react emotionally to them because after all, my pain is very emotional and the sacral chakra controls our emotions. It's part of why a sexual violation is the most hurtful and harmful kind. Strengthening the pelvis, hydrating, and orange foods are on my agenda to help nurture and heal my sacral chakra. Also likely a lot of tears. #healing #chakrahealing #witchdoctor #spiritualhealing #survivor

Wow I'm feeling this evil milf look.

Pregnancy is not a medical issue, if not based on the biology of pregnancy, then because of the politics around it. There is much still unknown about women's health by doctors specifically because they operate based on liability. Doctors and scientists have to err on the side of caution because they must avoid liability. They can not ask women who are pregnant to expose themselves to unknown risk. This environment makes the facts incomplete. However, one can infer from gathering from other scientific data around how the biology of pregnancy works, also the research around marijuana, cosmetic treatments, foods, exercises, etc, outside of pregnancy, and make an informed decision using the rules of biological science. Believing in science does not equate to beleiving only what someone has lobbied and paid for to be studied to be absolute fact. A doctor does not always have the answers and they are far from the authority on women's health. They are usually by some stretch, puppets for those in power, aka those with money who want certain information to be revealed. Think for yourself. Learn. Piece it together. Don't just wait for CNN to "report" on it and tell you what to do. #sheeple #pregnancy #womenshealth #misogyny #homebirth #freebirth #unassistedbirth #vaccines #antivaxx #womenempowerment #childbirth #bigpharma #freethinker #useyourbrain #useyourvoice #neversubmit #anarchy

Time for tacos then to finish this post-orgasm nap! What a hottttt scene today 😍 I seriously love my life! I get to fuck my man for a living. Do you enjoy your job?! 😉😏

Love this pic of my little chubby #preggo self! I'm enjoying getting fat again! #selflove #pregnancy #mombod

On set today!!! We got done so early! I barely had to skip a beat in my angry feminist arguments online! Today, I catch @lusciousphotos jerking off on the couch instead of finding a job! #badboy #pornlife #feministporn #femaledirector #femalepornographer #pornographer #femme #bossbitch #porncouple #celebritycouple #localceleb #chicago #bigboobs #mommydommy #mommydomme #milf #teamluscious #lusciousfilms #indieporn #biglips #slay

@sinister_keath, everyone. Currently breeding our next generation of slut-shaming, victim-shaming, misogynist date rapists. Man, I'm really on a roll lately. #misandry #menaretrash it saddens me this is a young person. Who also follows tommy Chong's account. But also is completely comfortable decided pregnant women's health care for them. 🤦🏻‍♀️ this would almost be funny if it wasn't so disturbing. Young men jump right to child rape as a way to end an argument #mansplaining to a grown woman About women's health. My head spins.

Arm yourself. Educate yourself. Fight for your right to fair and healthy solutions. Someone left a #CDC article on my Facebook about #marijuana consumption while pregnant. I encourage you all to Google and read the article and then find this one (link in bio) and compare. .
Here is my response:
The CDC is notorious for giving half witted advice to women pregnant and otherwise. If you read this page it is entirely anecdotal. .
Instead of blindly trusting a government source that is just about as efficient and accurate as the DMV, find actual research that does not operate on the word "may cause" with zero evidence.
Dr Melanie Dreher conducted the first only real reputable study on marijuana use during pregnancy because the women in her study were not abusing other drugs or alcohol.
Marijuana shows no increase of birth defects, THC itself has no side effect whatsoever for mother and child. .
The only possible negative outcome is the carcinogens that inherently exist in inhaling smoke. However, with marijuana usage, you only inhale one to two puffs to become medicated, unlike with cigarettes.
With vapor or edibles, the risks are completely nonexistent .
Furthermore, even if smoking flower is the only available option, the benefits of maternal health far outweigh the risks an marijuana is a much safer option than prescription medications that are proven to cause serious fetal harm such as heart defects. .
Marijuana helps fight nausea, serious fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, stress, depression, and anxiety. Eliminating and soothing all of the symptoms with virtually zero risk contributes to a much better state of maternal health which in turn nourishes and develops an unborn baby where otherwise all of these factors would prevent proper growth and development or require harmful prescription drugs. .
This isn't just a matter of "I like to smoke weed so I'm not going to stop"
This is a matter of an evidence-based need for fair, low-risk health care for women and their unborn babies to have happy healthy pregnancies. .
#themoreyouknow #educateyourself #pregnancy #cannabis

What the fuck. Lol

Men becoming enraged by scientific facts about women's health confusing them.....

That escalated quickly. #cannabis

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