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"I am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!!"
The psychopathic killer is so insane and evil that even Spider-man AND Venom combined fear him! Pre-Order opens on Wed 26 July 2017, 11 p.m. (Singapore Time zone) at https://www.xm-studios.com/products/carnage.aspx. Designed by XM and Hive, Sculpted by the talented Caleb Nefzen, this eerie statue comes with 3 sets of deadly arms to better mutilate his victims! Retail at SGD1,099 and ES MTO (Made to order but capped at 999 pcs) all Spidey and Venom fans' collection is incomplete without... CARNAGE!

For over 2000 years, the Knights of Malta have trained one special woman in each generation to be the Magdalena -- the official warrior protector of the Catholic Church. Across the millennia, the Magdalenas, official warrior protectors of the Catholic Church have battled in secret, protecting humanity from the supernatural threats and evil that would tear our world apart. XM's Magdalena is up for PO this 21st July, Friday at 11 p.m (Singapore time zone). ES will be low and limited based on orders - once orders are finalized, edition size is set and never to be reproduced again. A massive set with an angel statue behind her, this retails at sgd1,199.

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