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Japket👻  If you don't like my fire don't come around🔥NJ⏩ATL⏩LA

The greatest gifts in life are the gifts of love, family, and friendship 🙏🏻

"It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view" -George Eliot 📚 keep an open mind you'll be seeing the same thing from every direction. This is a small 8x8inch box surrounded by 4 mirrors. #perspective is #everything

Trumps 100 day plan includes a "promise to cancel payments to United Nations climate change programs" whether you were against Trump taking office or for Trump this is a serious problem. Whether you want or have children or even if you don't or are unsure you should be concerned about this. Planet earth is a gift filled with wonders and treasures and everyone's future is at stake. We must work together now more than ever to help better our planet. Recycle, reuse, and conserve whatever you can and spread the message. The smallest actions on a day to day basis can make a huge impact if everyone joins together. How is one person going to make a difference? Well many people asked the same thing about their one vote and look where we are...

Nothing screams "merica" louder than a wolf, a bear, and an eagle painted on fermenters at a brewery! @mondaynight is my new favorite place in ATL! #blacktieseries #mondaynightbrewing #merica #atlart

"The warehouse" art gallery tonight was very impressive and unexpected! Over 100 pieces of work all using architecture as the primary focus and concentration. Gallery featured murals, photography, digital prints, painting, sculptures, a few installations.. So basically it had something for everyone! #thewarehouseatl #artgallery #atlantaartists

I've been living in ATL for a little over 7 months now, everyday I become more and more inclined to life down here. Finally at the point where I almost forget that I'm living somewhere so different and new from what I've ever been used to although since I've began working downtown I'm fortunate enough to drive past this mural everyday and thats when it hits me! I am living in Atlanta! I've been having so much fun and am so busy down here I forget about how nervous I actually was as well as pretty depressed about moving even though I knew I'd reach this point eventually. Now I Love Atlanta and couldn't be more excited about waking up today and planning out tomorrow. I know moving away isn't for everyone but I highly recommend it. What's the worse that could Happen? You don't like and move back home?The saying goes "You'll never know until you try" and it couldn't be any closer to the truth! Everyday here opens up new avenues of opportunity and experiences that will last a life time! #lovingatlanta #cityoftrees #negativetopositive #atliens

Adopting a new cat design! 🙀 #inktober #japket #catket #catsofinstagram

"In the desert I met a man, he told me all his crazy plans he'd been walking there for 20 days he was gonna walk on for 20 more. How about a drink or a bite to eat he said "no my faith is all I need" so then save me, save me Mr. Walking Man, if you can" 🙏🏻The other day I was asked "what do you believe in" "Myself" I humbly replied....If you want someone to believe in you you must first believe in yourself. 💎

@gregmike unveiling his new mural on Ponce #abv

Perceptive is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance and it allows us to appreciate their true value.


Scrambled egg boys