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Kryp  Task Kryp :)


No post so enjoy @taskcubez arguing with an 8/11 year old lmao

'Twas not going for this

Just gonna start posting these when I don't have a shot to post, anyways here's an avi and header for Task Maacu :)

Quick and ugly paint avi I made @task.chilly like two days ago :)

Two eh shots. Second was hit on @itslakoo lol

Svu boatbang :) this will probably be my ep song too

Nice little shot w/ @vault.evade & @justice.laxor but not with @xalboe

Repost of what is prob my best on bo2 :)

Just to stay active while I'm gone

Heck, I missed the second nac.

I'm really bad at ghost but I needed to post so here's this nice little leftover :)

Needed to post but I really wanna hit this but way more distance, anyways barrelstuff wallbang lefty for now :) also I think I'm first to hit this

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