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Morgàn  👑 Total Queen👑 Snapchat: motherharlette

Feeling like one of the girls out of the Gucci guilty ad #gold #gucciguilty #chain

Rhinestones forever #rhinestones

Chopsticks in the barnet #drinks #embellished #chunli

I'm only uploading this because I felt like THAT bitch jingly jangly mincing in this shoulder piece , getting my satin fantasy down #total 👑

Can you guess my favourite color? #fishy

Why do people put this shite think what you like its self identity & whether anyone likes it or not , no matter how many brats you pump out , friends you have , or partners you have been with, you are your ONLY constant noBODY polices what I do with my BODY , can people stop trying to write trans out of existence I exist whether you choose to acknowledge it or not , trans people were shamans & wise people in native American cultures it isn't a new or revolutionary thing, CHRIST how I wish the native Americans won against the invading WHITE men it would be such a nicer better world.
My body is relevant along with anyone else's that makes a choice about there body that others may not agree with be that abortion , drug use , tattooing , plastic surgery or anything else 🖕🖕#transisbeautiful

Feeling S N A T C H E D

@victoriassecret doesn't want trans or plus size to promote their lingerie because who would shag us right. I'd never dress my temple in your tat again if you don't want to represent us but you'll take my money , no thanks shallow bitchs🖕 , Victoria's secret is truly out, turns out it's that she's a cunt.

Forgot to post on Halloween busy living a life & minding my own business, Halloween mix mince #Halloween I had to get so stoned instead of drink because of my meds at the time , it truly devvoed me.

Drinks with queen mother , missed you, Love that you still lose your shit pissed up classic Joan x #rideanddie #childhoodfriend #queens

Throwback to last week for Halloween I was on antibiotics with a problem tooth issue so just a basic Halloween this year #Halloween #basic #joesphfritzeltzlsdaughter

I don't wash glasses I throw them. #mince #cracked

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