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aaron !!  after effects.

rip everyone who saw this damn theme in their feed 4 million times. anyways i posted

* Stranger Things x Ariana Pt. 3 *
-literally the biggest flop on this acc
also i used Titans instead of a ST
mashup because i got sick of it teehee!!
-AU: Ariana is stuck in the Upside Down. Trying to find a way out, powers are given to her and she now tries to fight the monster inside her. Fire engulfs her, and she’s finally free and back on human land.
ib: acidicfx ; AC: Koriqzia on YT
#arianagrande #strangerthings #moondust2k18rct (4TH REPOST OF THE DAY)

im so sorry for everybody who keeps seeing this in their feed this afternoon since i kept reposting it. ily all

* Stranger Things x Ariana Grande *
part two of the first one!! i’m making
a series and the next is the last one.
this is really plain im sorry:(( i was “bored”.
AU: Ariana has been captured in the Upside Down. She’s been dressed up, and serves as the “princess”. Granted powers, she tries to free herself, but she first has to fight through the... ShADoW MonSTeR.
#arianagrande #strangerthings #omgpage

* Walking On A Dream *
hehe aesthetic edit! pour up
is SHAKING in her boots.
also this is for #viciousswap2 (@viciousedits)
im never doing aesthetic editing
again goodbye this was HELL.
#arianagrande #ariana

* Stranger Things x Into You *
enjoy this was a pain in the ass
ac: kaskobi, new feed inspired/remake
of hopeless fountain kingdom :))
dt: me! it’s my bday!!!
#arianagrande #strangerthings


new era sisters


* s_move *
cp: @arithereals (cancelled cp*)
got really lazy sorry
c: squirtle squad, jungle.x,
missyoverlays, celebrity masks ??
#omgpage #omgariana
(im trying to make a schedule for
me to post edits during school lmao)

* s_lovemore *
happy bday @sxzzlin_
and @mxgnetiic !!! cp: @mirskiiii_
maybe the last edit of this acc:/
c: squirtle squad, xblissfulskies,
jungle.x, and missyoverlays ???
#omgpage #omgariana

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