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Thanna Alghabban  👩‍👧Mother 🖤Widow ⚖️Trainee Lawyer 🥀Unapologetically Tattooed Hijabi 👻Snapchat: THANNA.LLB 🎥YouTube: XH11JAB 📍London 🖤🇮🇶 📿AhlulBayt (ع)


Heels as big as my head 👠 fur gilet and Xenia scarf both from @modes.t

Messages like these are why haram police can dish out advice till the cows come home and they won’t make any difference ✌🏻instead, we will x a world where we leave the judgement to our Lord x SWIPE LEFT

When you’re genuine, people will try to test your nature because chances are they’ve never experienced someone like you before.... plot twist: they fail, because you’ve experienced people like them, way too many times 👍🏻 ‘Emmalyn’ scarf and ‘Josie’ choker from @modes.t 👄 Lippy Trophy Wife by @shophudabeauty and @nyxcosmetics_uk Suede Touch in ‘Tea and Cookies’ on top x

Following from the drama as of late, there’s nothing new here, you may think me changing my scarf style in a couple of photos is what has brought on the excessive hate, well you’re wrong, I get this often - in fact the only time I don’t get it is when I’m posting about my late husband - in fact - scrap that , I’ve gotten it then too.... the only difference is today I chose to respond ... just because. I can and I’m fully entitled to ... At the end of the day so many girls are slated for the way they observe hijab and I have seen so many girls take it off as a result. And guess what, the slating will continue .. why ? Why do people seek satisfaction in pushing others to a path even further away from God? Like “you’re not wearing the hijab properly, why are you wearing it at all?!” ... really?..... is this all Islam taught you? have all the real issues of the world come to a head and you have nothing left to focus on but my hijab ? LOL. If ONLY closed minds came with closed mouths. Anyhoooooo, when all is said and done if you can laugh at yourself before any one else, you’re winning at life no matter what anyone says - SO... here is a photo of my daughter wearing better ‘hijab’ than me 😂 enjoyyyy x scarf is “ZARINA” from

Inside every person you know there’s a person you don’t know @modes.t

And for my Arabic speakers because I’m petty like that 🙂🙂🙂 When people say they’re gona unfollow 😂من واحد يقول رح يسويلي أنفولو 🙂🙂🙂

When people say they’re gona unfollow 😂 #byefelicia

My face when I read comments like “are you Muslim?” on my tattoo pics or “I thought you wore hijab?” on my turban ones 💁🏻‍♀️ “Sierra” scarf from @modes.t

I’m the kind of friend who would run to your house at 4am with pizza if you’re sad but also forget to reply to your messages for 8 months. @modes.t

It’s not a Sunday unless you completely waste it then feel sad around 8pm 🌚 @modes.t

My reaction when people tell me I should stop lip-syncing on snap so much. 👻: Thanna.llb @modes.t

When skinny people say they’re fat. What am I then, Fucking Jupiter?

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