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amanda green  cool but rude

my eyes look like vaginas

It's always a good day when you hangout with feist

A wise woman once told me that people want to help you face your sadness, the same way that you want to help others face their sadness. Your sadness does not make you weak in their eyes, just the same as theirs does not make them weak in your eyes. I can't tell you how much I feel this. I have changed so much in the last year and the relationships that I've built have made me better. And that's all I ask, to be better, to be kind, and to love with all of this heart of mine. Thank you to those of you that share these thoughts with me, I keep them close.

thank you today and every day, for always having my back. It is such a privilege to be loved by you

Do u like my dress my crotch shows when I sit down

finding beauty in another does not take away from your own. Be kind to each other. But be kind to you too. It's so easy to compare and so hard to see yourself as the same.

to the ones who love me when I need it the most, even if that's when I make it the hardest. thank you.

find a guy who uses Margaret Atwood novels as a tripod

sometimes you just need a weekend away with your favourite person.

it was really nice stopping in Ottawa to see some amazing people before they spread out and r awesome elsewhere xox

if I should fall so deep, may it be with you

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