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Francis Hal Payne  *kick* -- *clap* -- *kick* -- *clap* *ride* -- *ride* -- *ride* -- *ride*

Techno: Act 4. The real deal.

Techno: Act 3.75

Techno: Act 3.5. Still Monolockin'

Techno: Act 3

Techno: Act 2

Techno: Act 1

They don't believe Debonair Downstairs still be a thing. But it do.

The #techno is strong tonight.

Friday gets rowdy. All vinyl @ Exit.
#techno #techno #techno

Quite a night.

Memories... Found on a Rubbermaid tub in my aunt's basement.

I really wanted my coat check ticket to be #666 tonight. I would have felt so validated.