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Flue •ㅅ•  - Currently on cosplay break - 24 | Germany | nerd | EXO-L | 🐿️

[INFO 3/3]
Yes, it's me again 😅
I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of you following me. I really appreciate it :) 💕
Also a really big hug goes out to all of my cosplay friends, I really really miss all of you and I wish we could see each other more often :( 💕
And last but not least the biggest lovely squish to my closest friends who are always there for me, support me, comfort me and fangirl with me over our favourite boys.
You always make me happy and I'm really glad to have all of you in my life! 💕 Even though we can't see each other that often because of work or distance, please never forget that I love you, cherish you and that I'll die for you if I have to. 💕 "This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little and broken but still good. Yeah, still good." 💕

[INFO 2/3]
Some of you may have realized that I deleted a lot of photos from this account and that's because I'm trying to organize my life a bit. Even though I don't know if I will start cosplaying ever again (read last post if you're confused right now), I will keep this as my main cosplay account and maybe upload a few photos I've never uploaded on here.. I don't know. If I want to share something non-cosplay related, I will be using the Instagram story 😎
Yes, I do have other accounts because I'm trying to seperate my personal life from cosplay. This account right here is a whole mess of chaos and I prefer if everything has its own place. 😅
Thank you for understanding 💕

[INFO 1/3]
Hellou there~ 😊
You may have realized that I'm not really active in cosplaying anymore and I'm going to tell you why.
First of all: a lot is going on in my life right now and big things are about to happen. Finishing my three years of training with a big final exam, moving out of my parent's house, decorating my flat, organizing my life, deciding if I want to go to university or if I can work abroad, etc. So as you can guess, I won't really have time for cosplay anyway.

Second thing: There's a reason why I stopped cosplaying in the first place: I don't have confidence to do so anymore. Yes, I know what you're going to say.. but let me tell you one thing: If you put on one of your favorite cosplays and feel so uncomfortable that you're just taking it off again and attend the convention in your normal clothes, it basically just speaks for itself.. Therefore I don't know when or if I will start cosplaying again.
Thank you for reading 💕

Waiting for Yuri~ so apparently there is snow in Germany but none in London 🐧 :( but the weather is nice today and the sun is shining, which is all we're asking for 😄 Our plans for today: Soho, sightseeing, Winter Wonderland (ice skating) in Hyde Park. :3

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“Hey guys! Nice cosplay, I like it! Seven, right? 😄“ The fact that a guy just said that to me.. thanks mate! That was so nice :3 ❤

Nobody says you can't wear a daki as a scarf, right? 😂

#GermanComicCon saturday.
I didn't really post a photo of my saturday Marvelsquad USO girl cosplay, so here's a photo where you can barely see it xD but LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL CUTIEPIE @nanacreates! SHE'S SO CUTE AND A PERFECT #SEVEN! ♡3♡ 😻
Nana and I always do the piggyback photo when we visit conventions together and I can somehow imagine Seven convincing Loki to carry him around :D

I am already home from #GermanComicCon and I already miss @nanacreates :c It was such an awesome weekend and today went by so fast.. :/ trying to get rid of this stupid headache now >_< ::
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#GermanComicCon taking a break~ and we found some cute heart shaped Yuri & Victor badges! ♡

Yay, our little flag design is finished! Every member of our USO girls #Marvelsquad will have one of those little flags with them :> ♡ [I'll be the Loki one, fyi] See you at #GermanComicCon ;)

Current mood. Zzzz - Oh, btw.. that's my real hair. I cut it and dyed it red :D I realized I never updated you on here, so.. yeah. UPDATE! :D also: as my eyes hurt a lot these days I need to wear my glasses more often >_<

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