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Benvenuto Cellini, Perseus with the Head of Medusa (1545-1554)
Perseus with the head of Medusa, also known as Cellini’s Persus, is a bronze sculpture. It is considered a masterpiece of Italian Mannerism, and is one of the most famous statues in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria.
Perseus as he stands on Medusa’s body and holds her head up in the air. In the scene, he has just beheaded her with his sword, and triumphantly lifts up her head, holding it by her hair
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Girl with A Pearl Earring
Nicknamed the "Mona Lisa of the North", this beautiful painting - one of the most famous Baroque portraits - shows that, in addition to his mastery of Dutch Realist genre painting, Vermeer was also a master portraitist.
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Rembrandt painted this group portrait of seven surgeons and the physician Nicolaes Tulp in 1632.
The moral message of The Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Nicolaes Tulp is unlikely to be very deep. Obviously it emphasizes the connection between criminality and an odious death, although one feels that the picture also highlights the overall transience of earthly life. In passing, one should mention - as W. Shupbach has demonstrated in his publication Rembrandt's Anatomy of Doctor Tulp (Wellcome Institute, 1982) - that Rembrandt was also probably alluding to the fact that Tulp belonged to a religio-medical tradition which regarded the hand as the supreme mobile instrument bestowed by God on the human body. This was allied to the notion that, since the body was God's creation, the art of anatomy was a pathway to the knowledge of God.
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In opposition to the frivolous sensuality of Rococo painters like Jean-Honoré Fragonard and François Boucher, the Neoclassicists looked back to the French painter Nicolas Poussin for their inspiration.
The Neoclassicists, such as Jacques-Louis David, preferred the well-delineated form—clear drawing and modeling.Drawing was considered more important than painting. The Neoclassical surface had to look perfectly smooth—no evidence of brush-strokes should be discernible to the naked eye.

France was on the brink of its first revolution in 1789, and the Neoclassicists wanted to express a rationality and seriousness that was fitting for their times. Artists like David supported the rebels through an art that asked for clear-headed thinking, self-sacrifice to the State (as in Oath of the Horatii) and an austerity reminiscent of Republican Rome.
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İtalyan heykeltıraş Lorenzo Bartolini’nin The Demidoff Table eseri. 1845 yılında neoklasizim akımından etkilenilerek yapılmıştır.
Eserde açıklanan ”Allegorry of Love, Vice, and Wisdom.”

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