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faith  ☞ i use after effects cc ☞give creds if reposting pls ♥︎ taekook grp ♮

I’ll post this tmr since everyone’s dead.
ugh I fucking hate my computer
those who did see it.. lucky u:)

Is anyone on!!!

i mean it’s not like joining another fandom is gonna make me fail school....
[ THESE men can fuck me anytime and anywhere. ]
anyways thank fuck for @taeh.yxng ‘s existence if not this edit wouldn’t exist or my editing life .
ac nicolefilms
for @taeh.yxng obviously
cc demqn
#omgpage #nct #kpopchannel #becuadrogrp #nctu

tae will be that dominant boyfriend that would purposely leave lovebites everywhere as a mark to let other guys know you’re out of bounds.
↳cc demqn
dt @taeh.yxng @taehyunqies @siredtomystic ;)
might delete if it flops.
#omgpage #bts #taehyung #kpopchannel #becuadrogrp

a few month ago I told myself I’m never gonna learn how to use twixtor but - guys anything is possible 😂
even if u think u won’t get a chance to sleep with this sex god ... u gotta have faith peeps

↳finally got to finish his edit , i had a lot of things going on at school so sorry bubs :*
ac/ib: jgvoos
cc demqn
-let’s take a moment to admire these two sides of him
stAn talent ppl
#omgpage #bts #happyyoongiday #yoongi #kpopchannel #becuadrogrp

jungkook would be that boy in school who would fuck you in the janitors closet right before your lesson start to leave you aching throughout the day.

this was meant to be a twixtor test but
dt to all my soft stans i hope you have a great day
ac/ib chimful
#omgpage #jungkook #bts #kpopchannel #becuadrogrp

“taehyung , you can kiss him!”
↳they’re better together
my audio!
dt @cillushin @redhtae @demilvne @blissjeon [aka gods of taekook]
cc me
#omgpage #taekook #jungkook #taehyung #kpopchannel #bts #taekookgrp

♡never let them go♡
↳collab with the talented holly ( @celestialkook )
▪︎proud is an understatement, they deserve the world
“it’s just the beginning”-kim namjoon
ac kuteaudios
cc seraphics
the cover doesn’t even fcking fit everyone in I’m so mad
#omgpage #bts #kpopchannel

i would say he doesn’t make my heart beat 10x faster but I’d be lying ♥︎
-sorry this was just me playing around with ae again that’s why it looks like trash
youngjae doesn’t deserve this
cc seraphic ( edited )
#omgpage #got7 #youngjae

they never fail to make me laugh so much to the point where i almost pissed myself.
-it really amazes me how i can love such dorks
dt @nozous @taeh.yxng @blissjeon @wysticful
[follow my fav editors or i’ll come after u]
cc me
-should i edit other run episodes?
#omgpage #kpopchannel #bts #btsmemes

[yes im thAt taekook stan]
they don’t know about the things we do
they don’t know about the i love you’s
but I bet you if they only knew
they would just be jealous of us
they don’t know about the up all nights
they don’t know I’ve waited all my life.
just to find a love that feels this right
baby they don’t know about us.

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