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Is it easier to spot a palindrome when you are walking backwards? I do pick up a bit of the red shift near the speed of light or when I rub really hard. There is always the reverse scenario but it's usually hypothetical. Make sure to keep warm and take in a lot of liquids. Not a great pick up line, but then what is? Don't scream? Certainly tried and true but rarely heard and never seen. I prefer to be scene than herd, but that only works until the cows come home. Is that my bus? #stultiloquence #Perspicacious

"You can't do anything about it." I take issue with that. What if I want to write about it? Or talk about it? Or sing a song about it? Demonstrate about it? It's a weird sentence but I could dance about it? I might even do something about it without doing anything about it. I just don't want to think about it. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious

"Far Away Eyes"--The Rolling Stones, playing in my mind.

We waited.........

Too bad you missed it.

A small gathering for Julie's @jakl5 birthday with friends.

There are, in fact, two ways about it.
I was just thinking........... #stultiloquence #Perspicacious

I'm making progress. Peter now sends the checks directly to Paul. That frees me up to get in a good nap. There are some things left better unsaid. Does that make sense to you? Why didn't you mention it? People tell me I'm too tense. I say they've mistaken me for their REI fantasy wish list. Two tents. Wigwam or teepee? I'll see your First Nation and raise you a bitter downfall. That'll teach you to park in my driveway. I'd have you towed away if I could find a good podiatrist. My bird has been sick for days and you don't see him complaining. I'll catch the first flight out unless it turns out to be the stairs. I don't mind the occasional look, but something leaves me cold. I'd put on a coat but it probably won't stick. Some of the cracks always show through. Did that rhyme? I thought it was supposed to be a limerick. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

A glimpse into the innermost workings of the mind. If George Thorogood married Thoroughly Modern Millie and they got an Alsatian puppy, would there ever be enough Ben & Jerrys in the house? Can you make reacharound jokes at a tracker pull? Is there any upside to a black bottom pie? They really should adopt instead of going to a breeder. You've got to throw a lot of stones very hard to do any real damage in a glass house. My mind is really set. It must be too much pectin. I replaced my heat lamp with an LED. I love defeating purposes. You get into a lot less trouble than deflating porpoises. I can't get over the disappointment that Rod Stewart is not singing " we are saline.....". Probably the best vet tech anthem now ruined. What do you sing when you are squeezing the bag? #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

"It was the best of times it was the wurst of times." Sadly, a typo caused centuries of confusion, missed homework assignments and some really strange interpretations. A simple recipe book for really outstanding sausages was lost to the millennia. I was lucky to find an original and gave it to a vegan friend just to get the requisite smug rant the day had been missing. I pointed out a reference to a very fine bacon butty on page 157 just to have a bit more fun. Some of the recipes do get a bit wordy and wander a bit from the kind of clarity needed when converting liters to cups or centigrade to Fahrenheit. I wonder if the author ever did a dessert book. . #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

After the first hour they asked me for my general impression. General impression? I don't normally do impressions. If you hand me an Arrow shirt I can take a stab at General Custer. What? Too soon? I was going to take a run at it, or a crack, or possibly a whack. Not a nik-nak because the dog had passed away. We needed to make some stock anyway. I'm not feeling so hot. Can you hand me that spoon? I need a stirring experience. Or something worthy of putting on my resume. If you have any suggestions, please keep them to yourself. This is an open forum, you can tell by the draft. I saw a picture of a draft horse once. Or maybe a daft once I was horse which makes a lot less sense. . #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

I was minding my own business. Um. Ok, I didn't mind and there was no business. At least it wasn't show business. That would have mattered. Einstein was very clear about that. I got dizzy after half a glass of Pythagorean's Theorem. It looked a lot better than it tasted. I wanted to make a quantum leap, but the dizziness persisted. Soon this paragraph, if you call it that, will get around to that whole persistence of vision thing. What would you call it, if I may be so bold? An event horizon? Don't do that on the beach or you'll never get the sand out. I hate getting a nitty gritty. Or a gritty nitty. It does make a burned hot dog on a dry bun taste that much better though. Are vegan hot dogs made from vegetable lips and other bits that are usually thrown away? I wish I could ride a bicycle on the beach, I haven't had my chain yanked in awhile. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

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