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Is this really in my best interest? Ok. What's the percentage point? Actually, there is very little chance there will be any point. That's the whole point. It's not very sharp, but then neither am I. I was asked a pointed question once. That nearly took out an eye. Much easier than taking out a loan or a gall bladder. You have to have really good aim for those. Maybe someone will take me out to the ball game. You don't need any aim to do this. Just a willingness to pay a lot to watch adults get paid a whole more than you do. I wonder if they'd put big grow lights in if everyone would get lost in the weeds during night games. Now I can't get "Night Moves" especially the bridge out of my head. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

I started to opine but lost my balance and had to catch myself. Usually, this is accomplished with a net and shoes with rubber souls. The mono remaster is really very good. It's just hard to find the right wine pairing. Downstairs, in the corner over by the front door, you may find yourself on the way out. That's where we left off. Unfortunately, that was the bit which held the whole thing together. If you call the supervisor, make sure not to mention me. We go way back and I still haven't repaired my reverse lights. She does have a ticket to ride and does in fact care. But it had to wait for a later album. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

I'd really wanted to scuffle off to Buffalo but the lyrics never came back to me. So much for many happy returns. The customer service desk was closed anyway. Ah, to be back in the saddle again. Complete with a horse of a different colour too. I hadn't realized that Dorothy named her dog after an eighties hair band. Remember those? Some people call them scrunchies. Probably never owned a record player or at least were not quite up to speed. Why is it skipping? Well, it's probably just running in a less than butch manner. Should make an Olympic sport out of that. One I might even watch. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

I was just thinking........... #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

I thought I might like to end my life with an apostrophe. Given the entire middle was no more than an ampersand, and the beginning was mostly wet and noisy. Are you going to finish that? I'm not really hungry, I just like licking the plate. Top tip. Don't do that in a darkroom or you'll end up with a bad impression of a poor likeness on your tongue. This is where I get off, no, sorry, I thought we were closer to the end. Let's get back to frenzied hysterics, I think they're having a sale. Is my change still in your pocket? We can use it to scratch the surface. Try bearing that in mind while I cycle the wagons for awhile. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)

I was going to vacuum , but then thought a nap sounded better.

More than enough raw deals to go around.

Vestigial vacillation. Or. A tree. Not just any tree. This tree.

Hanging out with the rest of the pricks #lasvegas #ces2017


Still reeling....................