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Three day meal prep ready (carb part of the prep at least). Sweet potatoes and Russet Potatoes. Two containers represent a day of main carbs, not including the incidental carbs we ingest with our Protein and Fiber sources. I'm still not measuring exact daily macro nutrients, just trying to get back into rhythm first, establishing good habits.

Let the shredding begin. Time to take the long road on lowering that body fat %. Let's try and retain as much lean muscle mass as possible. 2/19/2017

Me and my cousins at our family get together #Repost @randrewquel with @repostapp.
♢♢My abuela and my cousins from my dads side♢♢

Gonna give this non-caffeine NO Xplode a try. I always train after work in the evenings so most pre workouts keep me up all night, therefore I can't really use them in the afternoons. Sleep is extremely important. Let's see how this stuff works out. #BSN @BSNSupplements

Meal preppin' for the next 2-3 days. Getting it done, day by day.

Finally, after 15 months of recovering from a torn labrum on my left shoulder and alongside 10 months of ART therapy I was finally able to Incline Dumbbell Press 80 lbs dumbbells without any pain in my shoulder and have a complete chest workout of high quality. Something I thought might never come again. Feels good to be on my way back to Beast Mode!

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