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Xendurance  Clinically Proven performance and recovery.

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Thank you to everyone who entered the XND $1k giveaway. The winner is @rdfit4u
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I discuss briefly the benefits of @xendurance Extreme Endurance supplement. I discuss some of the clinically proven benefits and how it helped me specifically close to crossfit competition time and how I change my dosing schedule to maximize benefits. -

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Leave no room for “what if”. Lace up. Drink up. Tear it up.
Fuel5+ - Caffeine to spark the engine organic sweet potato 🍠 to keep it going. Link in bio to order.
Athlete: @donavanbrazier

Stay tuned.
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Train hard. Recover. Train harder.

There’s simply no substitute for hard work.

Bring the fuel. Bring the sweat. Bring the will.
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Here is some science worth considering.
A study published in the Journal of Science in Medicine and Sports found that subjects consuming whey hydrolysate post workout experienced better recovery and performance shortly after intense
training. Recovery was assessed via blood markers, subjective ratings, and performance testing. Measures were completed 1, 2, 6, and 24 hours post-testing.
The whey-hydrolysate group was able to regain performance (measured as peak isometric torque) 6 hours later, whereas the placebo had not yet fully recovered even 24 hours later. That's a serious difference! Xendurance Protein has you covered with a Supergrade Protein blend of Hydrolysate, Isolate, Casein and Caseinate. Follow link in bio to order. #fuelwhatmatters #xendurance #hydrolysate

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, Xendurance protein is essential for exercise.
Xendurance Protein is important to consume immediately post workout. During your exercise you are effectively breaking your muscles down. Xendurance protein helps speed recovery and rebuild muscle fibers. Allowing you to come back stronger. #fuelwhatmatters #xenduranceprotein #xendurance

Fuel your focus.
In addition to fast and slow burning carbs.
Fuel5+ contains 45mg of caffeine derived from organic green tea. This dose has been proven to improve athletic performance and focus. #fuelwhatmatters #xendurance

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Let us join your fight!
Clinically Proven.

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