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Xena Kai  Just your average chick trying to get fit 💪🏻 📍SF | LV 👩🏻‍💻CompSci Student ❣️Lover 💃🏻Cover Model | Centerfold 💪🏻Gym Addict 🚶🏻‍♀️A walking contradiction


Just got back from the gym and about to have my shake 😋 Sit around and wait for my tummy to just get flat on it’s own? Hell no! Not with @flattummyco! I’m shaking my booty (and tummy) off with their new Shake It Baby program and I gotta say, it’s got me feelin’ pretty unstoppable! Meal prep is honestly the biggest struggle for me, so this program is a major game changer and is totally gonna help shake off this lil bit extra I’ve got going on. It’s legit clinically proven to be 3 x more effective than diet and exercise alone! Check em out at flattummyco.com - it’s just launched! #nakedFace

Oh no! I've dropped something and I can't seem to find it. Let's hope I find it by the next post 🙃

Motivation Monday! Here are pics of my 2-3 year transformation. I went from 95lbs, to 135lbs, down to 110lbs, and now sitting at around 117lbs. While I was traveling a couple years back, I gained weight and was SO unhappy with myself and my body. I started going to the gym, followed workouts I saw online, and ate a balanced diet 🙏🏻 I'm still not where I want to be and my body is far from perfect. But I'm happy with my progress so far! ------------
PS: don't forget to take pics of your back. I have zero before/after back pics🤦🏻‍♀️

Happy Sunday Funday! I'm the real life Rapunzel. Going to grow my hair a wee bit more then cut it and donate it!

Who has two thumbs and is ready for a day in town?! This girl. Yes, day not night. I'm usually in bed by 11pm👵🏼 dress by @amiclubwear #amiclubwear

Yassss it’s finally here! @flattummyco you were def thinking of me with this one! They've JUST launched the Shake It Baby program, and my god is it perfect timing! I know I'm not the only one who has to shake, but Imma be shaking my booty off (and tummy!) with this stuff this month! Have any of you been looking for a program? Fact: the Shake it Baby program has been clinically proven to be 3 x more effective than regular diet and exercise alone! Crazy, I know! Check them out at flattummyco.com and get ready to shake those few extra lbs with me.

Eeeeek! I’ve SO been waiting for this! @flattummyco have JUST launched the Shake It Baby program, and I'm sooo ready to shake, shake SHAKE my booty off (and tummy!) this month. Might be other products out there. but not like this - Shake It Baby has actually been clinically proven to be 3 x more effective than regular diet and exercise alone! Who want’s to step up with me?! If you wanna come shake that with me, check out flattummyco.com for the lowdown.

Dreamt of you last night 😘

Happpyyyy friYAY! I'll be stuck in doors finishing my computer architecture program :( hope you guys have fun for me!

Getting my tummy in check? Y’all know @flattummytea is my little secret! Bloating is no longer an issue in my life.. I got rid of that like I did with my old baggy sweatpants, and now I’m def coming in hot this summer! Check out flattummyco.com for the lowdown!

Have you guys heard of @thequeenpegasus and their new Lash Elixir Kit?! I saw Kim K using it, and I was like umm yes please. I'm on like week three now and LOVING it. Natural, longer, thicker looking lashes, come at me!! #thequeenpegasus

My man crush EVERYDAY 😍! He spoils me, buys me pizza, rubs my back, gives me pedicures, and listens to me complain 😬

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