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Yostest with the Mostest  "If you can't convince them, confuse them"

Gettin' some last minute treats before heading home. #weekdaytrippin

Definitely NOT @pinsmechanical but, fun nevertheless. @jesse_yost "bout to bang this b$@%& the f &@! out"...and...we broke the lane. #done

Reppin' that Believeland! @jesse_yost

#pausebuttontiming Sopranos. Gold.

"30's the new 20, 40's the new money" @who_is_felix makin' my 40th even better...those lyrics are GOLD! ;)

#gonnalovethisclass If the cover of my textbook is any indicator into this class, I may end up loving a Humanities class afterall. #neverthoughtidsaythat #thoughthumanitieswouldendme #justgottagetthisshitdone

In solidarity with my Muslim brothers and sisters, I will fast during Ramadan. If anyone would like to join me, please message me and I will share my experiences with my past fasting during this time. And hopefully, enlighten you a little. ♡ #onelove