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christina m/w sum cum  ;svp & ae ;sin, shou, kink, wild card, & en☆

hi i can’t get over how beautiful allura is in this episode
show; voltron legendary defender
song; ddu du ddu du - blackpink
(ae edit)

my wife
anime; danganronpa 3
song; power - little mix
(svp edit)

manga; nanbaka
song; in the dark - camila cabello
(ae edit)

my favorite serial killer
anime; angels of death
song; trouble - pink
(ae edit)

dt; @akxnedits of course
clips are from the no doubt - re:vale mv
song; baby don’t stop - nct u
(svp edit)

that’s! my! boy!
anime; nanbaka
song; boogie - brockhampton
ib; @/hinatamv
(svp edit)

i’m sorry i had to do this to you eddie
dt; @/joyttlun & @/hiimemiya
manga; angels of death
song; better than you - backronym (edited by me)
(ae edit)

best girl
dt; @/sukiimakii
anime; shimoneta
song; work from home - fifth harmony (muffin remix)
(ae edit)

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