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Chermaine🦄  20👑 Kill yourself with bad habits 💌 : xchermieee@gmail.com 👻 : Chermieyippy

Guys I quit toxic life. Won’t be clubbing or drinking much anymore. See you when I see you! 😊🙌 #throwback

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Rest In Peace 婆婆 (grandma). Thank you for taking care of me since I was born, you’re like another mother to me.. Without you, I wouldn’t be here today.. thank you for always cooking my favorite dishes, nobody’s dishes is going to taste just as great as yours... you will never let me go hungry because there’s always food on the table, whenever I leave the house you would always come to the door step just to say goodbye to me, you would always remind me to bring my keys because you know how forgetful I am.. there’s so many little things that you have done for me out of love ...there would be so many readjustments for me because I would never get used to not having you around.. I’m so sorry that I haven’t earn enough money to bring you out for buffets and pampering you with gifts, im sorry that I’m always not at home to spend more time with you, I’m sorry you won’t be able to see me get married and be the first to hold my child, I know that was what you really wanted to see before you leave this world.. I really wanted to be the one taking care of you once I grow up, i wanted you and 公公(grandpa) to move in with me so I can take care of the both of you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t fulfill any of that. You’re at a better place now, I promise to take good care of myself. I will become a better person for you, I will also take good care of grandpa because both of you are like parents to me. 😌I will never forget you, our memories together will always be with me. I love you granny, you will always have a special place in my heart. 02/04/1954- 07/10/2018

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You feel like home to me, that’s why I love you. But you’re just an old one that no longer holds anything for me to return to.

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You'll find another and you'll be just fine.

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Martell will never break your heart. 🙌

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R3HAB was lit af last night!🙌🔥 Swipe to see our pictures with him omg!😍😭

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