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When I started doing yoga regularly in March I became more aware than I already was of the tension that resided in my lower back. When I would try doing this rocking motion during my yoga practice I felt paralyzed in pain. I became determined to help ease this tension and slowly began focusing the intention to alleviate the pain by holding my legs to my body and gently rocking on my back, breathing into the pain and doing it for as long as I could stand each day. A couple months later and voila, the tension is nearly gone and I have no trouble with this rocking motion! I’ve had the tension for YEARS mind you! While practicing the rocking movement today I rocked enough where I ended up realizing I can now get into this position with my legs over my head. Yoga is magical. My breasts suffocating me in this position, however, is not. Lol ☺️❤️🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️

I haven’t been able to do a split like this since I was a kid, and even then it was pretty uncomfortable to do. Since devoting my mornings to self-care and integrating yoga into that, I have become even more aware of myself. I am learning how much our physical bodies can reflect our emotions and fears. For example, our hips hold our emotions. I have been really loving doing deep-hip opener yoga poses to help alleviate the tension my hips have acquired and release old emotions and pent-up negativities that no longer serve me. Yoga has been a tool to help me understand my mind and spirit even more, all through being mindful of my body and how my breath reacts to different stretches and balances. In fact, my lower spine has released a lot of tension that used to reside there as well, just from my yoga practicing! I realized how beneficial this has been for me when my spirit guided me to try doing a split one day, and voila, I suddenly could. Magic is real. ✨😍🤸‍♀️After I finished my practice this morning, I noticed a woman nearby beginning hers. I admired her fluid transitions between poses, aware of how shaky and jagged mine currently are, and instead of feeling discouraged by her grace, I embraced myself. I trust that I will get better and am where I need to be right now. I choose to give myself the love I deserve here and now and encourage myself to keep growing. I encourage the same for you. We are all in this together, one step at a time. Always choose love.🧘‍♀️

A couple months ago I adopted a plant named Petunia. Only a couple weeks after having her, I realized how sad she was because her petals started falling off quickly one by one. I moved her around to different environments but soon she only had two weak petals left,as shown in the photo on the left. She was not getting the sunlight she needed, so I put her in the room that gets the most sun and talked up her plant spirit everyday. Now, she is stronger than she was when I first got her, is sprouting new petals, and is showing her true colors! Honestly, I felt like I was going through the motions alongside little Petunia, and she was symbolizing myself. It really is true that when a plant isn’t growing properly, we don’t blame the plant, we figure out the environment it needs to thrive. Imagine how much compassion we could practice if we were this gentle, loving and understanding with ourselves. ☀️🌻 a little reminder that losing your petals only gives room to grow newer, stronger ones, and it is never too late to find a truer, deeper potential within yourself. Let your love blossom inside 😊❤️ 🌈💡

For years I built an identity that empowered me. I found labels and identifying qualities that resonated deeply with who I was. These helped me find my voice that I had been hiding for too long and allowed me to express myself with a level of confidence I had only dreamed of having. I was learning what it meant to love myself. My soul was happy with this progress and wanted to push further to a deeper sense of self-love and understanding. It now wanted to drop all labels and identities and traits I had been benefiting from for years. My soul wanted me to let go and allow me to find my power without attachment to a descriptor. This was overwhelming and pretty unfathomable to me. How could I let go of that in which I had come to know of myself? Fear invaded me, but I wanted love to overcome so I surrendered to the unknown, even though I was uncertain and confused. As these identifications began stripping away I realized the truth- these labels weren’t empowering me anymore, they were weighing like expectations on my soul. My soul wanted liberation and to find my truth without attachment to conditions. That is the truth of love, living without attachment. When we can live from a place of love without needing anything to do so, then we are allowing our authentic soul power to emerge. That is where we find ourselves. No materialistic quality could ever describe any soul. We are eternal, infinite beings experiencing a physical world. I enjoy writing. I enjoy raving. I enjoy being happy and positive and confident. These are all wonderful to experience. They are not me, though. I Am. ❤️🌻 I encourage you to identify with labels that help you find yourself, that is an important step on the journey to love. When you are ready, I encourage you to explore your truth, without label or identification, and simply as a being of light in a human body. You are capable of so much more than words could ever describe.

Hi world, how have you been? Me? Well, I’ve been... learning, and growing, and seeing my truth. Finding a home within myself- my soul. Looking my insecurities and flaws straight in the face, and learning how to accept them. Wrapping my arms around my fears and my weaknesses and pushing myself to churn them into strengths. I’ve been broken. Because to break was the only way to shed the negatives and darkness that weighed me down deep inside my soul and put myself back together piece by piece, with light and love. Being able to spread love is the essence of my soul dancing through life. That has been the reason for my social media presence since the beginning, even if I didn’t fully understand that at times. When we give love, we get love. Last fall I moved back home from California to Maine, and let go of everything I had built my sense of self on over the past 7 years, to make way for my authentic power to come through. That was scary. Who was I without the identity and community I found confidence through? This has meant learning what true unconditional self-love means at the core of my being and at this point in my life. I am of course still learning, still growing, and will be until this physical body and personality has reached its end. Now that I am understanding love and wholeness in an even more authentic way, I am eager to be able to share what I have learned in those dark tunnels that I lived in for months, forcing myself to find the light deep within before finding it externally. I am ready to continue my love journey through this world with the intent to spread wholeness, compassion, harmony and love with every step. To break is a beautiful opportunity to find and keep only what serves you, and to let the rest fall away. 🌻☀️ Hi, it’s great to see you again.

What an #ootd in Maine looks like lol. Day 2 of 100 videos is up on my YouTube channel, I attached the link on my Instagram bio, it is also here: https://youtu.be/2Vapz59NWx4

Thank you for the company and photo @wipflerv. Thank you for the headband from Peru, @bluemoongem22!

After taking some time to love and care for myself, I am ready to reconnect and find my footing on YouTube again. I want to try something new, so I am uploading 100 videos over the next 100 days to get back in touch with you all, and for you to get back in touch with me! This will be fun, I’m excited. The link to video 1 of 100 is in my bio and Instagram story. 😁❤️🌻 see you tomorrow! (Link is also here: https://youtu.be/1lZ7KjjSugE )

Spent Christmas Eve giggling with my bestie bffl since ‘95...”what’s a biffle?” ☺️❤️ so happy to be home @sammyb689 | 👖for those who follow me for fashion I wanted to mention this because you know how picky I am about jeans. I have a NEW favorite kind of jeans that aren’t jeggings, are stretchy, have one button, go skinny down the leg, and have pockets in front and back! They’re the luxe skinny jeans from @torridfashion (which I’m wearing in this photo) and I want them in all available colors 😍🙌 Thank you to Adrian for taking this photo and putting up with our reminiscing/giggling through the entire last half of Home Alone. Oops 😬 @fit.4.aking

This just about sums up me and my nephew’s relationship quite well. ☺️🤪Happy Holidays everybody. :) 🎄

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