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Ruben Martinez  🇯🇵🇲🇽👽🎪xxx SD/LV •Cirque Du Soleil Swing Tech •On tour with #LUZIA •LeatherCrafter •Professional Piercer •AlienModification

Day 2.

Day 1. Seattle

T-minus 4 days till tear down and off to Seattle.

Passport wallet
Sunset Oil Tan


Blade maintenance. 💅🏽
Japanese leather skiver.

Vertical Bi-fold
Leather: English Bridle

Finished belt ✅
Natural English Bridle leather
This leather will darken over time.

Small card case/coin pouch
Satin black / Antique brass

Still have a lot to learn on making belts.
Burgundy English Bridle leather.



luzia Premiere dinner 💅🏽

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