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❯X❮-BIONIC  Turn Sweat Into Energy! | Swiss Engineered🇨🇭 Use #XBConsent and #XBionic to increase your chances of winning the pick of the month contest!

Relish the great comfort and premium quality acquired through 20 years of extensive research and development carried out in Switzerland, finely crafted in Italy.
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Happy hour time - Best enjoyed at the heart of Ascona, Switzerland with @sandroboner & @raheljoanna sporting their Trekking Summerlight to keep pushing up the trail.

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Feel the power - The Italian lightweight and Swiss engineered 3D-knitted fabric revolutionised the standard of sweat-management garments with the birth of the 3D Bionic Sphere System. Ready to turn sweat into energy in every step you take and mile you collect. Whether on the roads or in the mountains. Get your part of an icon through the webshop.
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Speaking of @XSOCKS, this year marks 20 years of award winning innovation and evolution, culminating in our most recent addition to the family, the Speed Metal Energizer® made for explosive runs and unparalleled performance. Learn more about our 20 year celebration, and find your perfect pair, through www.x-socks.com or the link in bio.

Of course, we can’t talk about award winning products without @XSOCKS - the most awarded socks in the world. Seen here, the Speed Two Run X-SOCKS perfect for running in all conditions (and a favourite of marathon runners globally).

From award winning to competition winning, the winter Ski Carving Silver @XSOCKS not only topped recognition for industry leaders for their quality, innovation and design - but topped the podium as well thanks to star athletes from the National Ski Teams of Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

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Run and ride with us on @Strava (search club: “xbionic-running” and “xbionic-cycling”). More local events, competitions and team outing are planned over the coming months, so join with us wherever you may be - and we’ll see you out there.

Discover Speed EVO's new multitude of colorways through the bio. Built for endurance, engineered to deliver. #SwissEngineered
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To welcome May we’ve gone all blue – Explore the new color palette of our running range through bio.
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Some say red is the fastest colour. Our engineers and designers suggest it’s blue.🔹 Discover the truth through bio.

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