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So I just found out that one of my neighbors last name is “fucnuget” so I guess I need to date him now

I love Agent Provocateur to the extend where I buy their lingerie for no one other than my sweet self because men are undeserving and can't tell the difference between this lovingly crafted masterpiece and Victorias shitty Secret and on top of that you wear it for solid 10 seconds before they rudely rip it off of you. So do yourself a favor and buy that shit for yourself. Wear it everyday. And take hot pics in it... Jk I sure love the D.

A concept: open up tears to parallel worlds and find a male or female version of yourself, bring them through the tear and date them because that still sounds less complicated than dating in general

My sex playlist consists of "Nude" by Radiohead and any Massive Attack song (unless I'm having sex with your dad. In that case I'll play The Ink Spots)

Sorry that I rant so much lately. There's just a lot on my mind that I feel like sharing with you guys. Especially since I have a lot of younger followers. Everything is changing so much and so fast. Our idols are changing, music is changing, style is changing and suddenly it's so "in" to date someone super hot just so you can recreate "goals" pictures. Pics that show couples traveling the world, buy each other Rolexes, and add an inspirational quote into the caption. We don't even know those people. We look up to couples like Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez (yeah I know they broke up but still) and think that is what a good relationship must consist of. We glorify getting pregnant young and throw our lives away because Tammy Hembrow or Lucky Blue are doing it. We get sad that our fav celebs broke up, disregarding if their relationship was healthy or if they were happy, because they were GOALS and looked good together. Instagram isn't real life. We don't know these people and we can't judge relationships based on what couples choose to share on social media. That's why I've decided to not do it. It's no ones business but mine, if I am still dating, who I am dating or why I am dating. I hope you guys can respect that. Also, I got sick shades. Look at them. Look at them.

You guys! I've had my 3rd laser session (underarms, bikini and legs) and it went so well. Although it is only my 3rd session, I barely have any hair left under my armpits! I've completely stopped shaving. With each time I go, they go a level higher with the laser, to make sure it burns all the hair. It feels a little bit uncomfortable sometimes, but it's never painful. I should have about 5 sessions left, depending on my hair growth. But everything is going really well and my hair keeps falling out. I'll keep you guys updated on the process ❤❤

Damn, I know Daddy Issues are still being romanticized but like, my Dad and I get along really well. He's a f boss and taught me a lot, especially that I shouldn't take shit from anybody and drop men real fast if they're acting up. I walk away without a word and you'll never ever hear from me again. You should try it, it's amazing (edit: this is a general statement I am not bitter and this isn't for any dude in specific you guys need to chill)

Find me a Jon Snow asap (edit: I don't have a nephew but I'll talk about that with my sister)

Winter is already here, bitch

I did it for the meme

Gotta love those side profile shots. 📸 by the amazingly talented @maggiewest for @slutwalk_la ❤🌹

I can't stop thinking about Lil Waynes guitar solo

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