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SEOUL FAR SEOUL GUD (apart from the fact that we missed the train to busan) 😀 #seoul不sunny #tteokbokkids

CHINGGUS TAKE COLDREA 🇰🇷 aka a chill holiday turning intense HIIT workout of 72538 flights of stairs climbing daily & neck-breaking theme park rides #tteokbokkids

hpbd jyysim thx for bein ma fran 💛 hope ur new boyfriend manny meets ur expectations or u prefer @rengzhang? 😘 JK u know i luv u...... I think

thx for feeding me like a 老妈 & bein a 11.5/10 JB tour guide in ur motherland msia 🤓💛 will repay u with a tour of er...... sg woodlands checkpoint ya that one i quite familiar

恭喜发财 红包拿来 没有红包 给你black eye!!!!!! 👀🍊

today we saw more couples kissing than (fake) snow falling 11/10 would recommend best place to be if u want to feel single af ❄️☃️❄️☃️

bye!!!!!!!!! stay safe ya even tho u cannot like this photo bc 中国不喜欢 see u in 2 months!!!!!!!!!! ☺️🇨🇳 altho not rly sure if i want to cos results hahahhhhahahahahahahahaha funny ok not funny

will take photos n sell our souls for free sunshine bread ☺️☺️☺️🍞🍞🍞 #priorities #luvbread #breadisluv #breadislyfe

after only being able to stare at my phone lock screen photo of a husky n admiring huskies in pet stores...... i finally touch one irl!!!!!👅 DREAMS DO COME TRU #thai空人队五

apart from being acquaintances, thx for havin my back all the time even when i forget to bring my entire bag of clothes 😀 almost had to leave the water park n go horse riding naked #thai空人队五

2 days in n finally we have some photos taken!!! 😀 lone flight but not lone w y'all here thank u jenn's parents for bringing us from bkk all the way here 200km away #thai空人队五

hong kong isn't hong kong without cute dim sum!!! 😛

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