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I had not been to Bloodmyst Isle since the release of TBC and decided to take my Lightforged hunter.
Guess Tottle got tired of all the running so we decided to make a small fire and take a rest 😍
#worldofwarcraft #lightforgeddraenei #wowhunter #battleforazeroth #legion

Had to pre order Battle for Azeroth for myself 😍
This is my new lightforged draenei paladin ❀️ I've had her name saved since Blizzcon just waiting for the day allied races would be available 😊
#worldofwarcraft #battleforazeroth #lightforgeddraenei #wowpaladin

At last this pretty kitty is mine 😍
#worldofwarcraft #wowdruid

New story is out 😱
Jumped on my necromancer and did the first couple of instances.
I forgot how annoying pets are when you want a few screenshots, they kept photobombing πŸ˜†
#guildwars2 #pathoffire #gw2necromancer

Cozy Sunday morning 😻

Just walking my dog after work while eating mac n' cheese πŸ™„

Cuteness overload in the new expansion 😍

Finally got this little guy 😻
I've been way too lazy with pet battles 😏
#worldofwarcraft #paladin #pets

Blizzcon is over and what a blast to watch all the announcements, panels and all the amazing cosplay 😍
Can't wait for more info about #worldofwarcraft and #hearthstone expansions πŸ˜„
Again I question myself if I should finally make the switch of faction come the new expansion, but I guess it also depends on the person I play most with 😝
I am excited to see how the dungeon crawl will work out in hearthstone 😊
#battleforazeroth #koboldsandcatacombs

Had a bit of time to participate in this PoF stress test. This time I decided to try out the scourge, it was really fun, I'm having a hard time choosing between my guardian and necromancer for main in PoF πŸ˜•
#guildwars2 #gw2guardian #gw2necromancer #gw2pof

Omg 😱 I can hardly contain myself 😡 I feel like being a kid christmas eve waiting for presents πŸ˜›
I'm going to throw my wallet at my screen and play this hardcore in november 😍
#thesims4 #catsanddogs

Had to take a small peak at the new gw2 expansion.
I love the raptor mount 😍
The traveling, idle animations and not to mention the dye galore πŸ˜„
I can't wait to get my hands on the other mounts 😊
#guildwars2, #gw2pof, #pathoffire, #gw2human, #gw2guardian

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