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What a day it has been... Work have been really stressful lately and I haven't really been able to play.
Started up WoW this morning and began catching up with some world quest, I was lucky enough to get my first legendary from finishing Stormheim πŸ’Ž
I then went back to the plaguelands to continue the fishing for my ret hidden artifact skin, after about 1500 total caught fish the shard dropped πŸ˜„
After that I queued for lfr and decided to do some more world quests while waiting and the holy hidden skin dropped in Azuna 😱
I can't believe my luck today, guess I can't complain for a while πŸ˜†
#worldofwarcraft #paladin #legion #artifact #worldquest

After a long week of work I am happy to start my weekend with the new Skyrim special edition 😍
I lost a 100 hour save game a while back and haven't found the motivation to start a new before now 😊

Too.. many.. halloween events πŸ‘»πŸ˜΅πŸ‘»
Complete overload, I'm glad I have this week off from work πŸ˜„
Really want the Gwynefyrdd but damn 110 cobs 😲
#guildwars2 #gw2guardian #gw2human #halloween

Found adventure Pepe today and tried taking a selfie with him while collecting candy buckets.
Guess my camera didn't want my ugly mug in the picture so here's sleeping Pepe 😴
#worldofwarcraft #legion #pepe #paladin #halloween

There we were... searching for ancient artifact fragments in search of the spirit of the legendary Eche'ro when we came across the remains of a once magnificent beast 🐲
#worldofwarcraft #legion #paladin #archaeology

I've been having a hard time deciding whether to stick with my demon hunter or paladin for main πŸ˜•
I really enjoy the combat feel and aesthetic of the demon hunter and lets not forget the double jump and glide πŸ˜„
But I also really like the general fantasy around the paladin. I also like healing now and then since back in the days when I was a hardcore raider I was main heal. I also adore their class hall it's amazing 😍
I don't know what to do 😲
#worldofwarcraft #legion #paladin #demonhunter

Reached lvl 100 on my paladin, now the road to 110 and gearing for hc's and raids 😍
#worldofwarcraft #legion #paladin

Wanted to play some #guildwars2 tonight but didn't feel like going all in on the new story. So I decided to give my #asura #guardian some play time 😍

First artifact on the hunter 🐺
#worldofwarcraft #legion #artifact #hunter

I managed to get my pala to 98 and get her artifact before our internet went down cause some construction workers ruined a cable 😭 Hope they have it fixed by tomorrow 😊
#worldofwarcraft #paladin #legion #artifact

It's finally weekend and I can get my pala to 98 and take her into Legion πŸ˜„
Work has been crazy this week and I've been super tired 😴 so it's time to say good night πŸŒƒ
#worldofwarcraft #legion #paladin

Played some #starbound yesterday.
I really enjoy the release update, the story and quests are amazing 😊
I've added a few mods from the workshop but they are minor adjustments.

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