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ひとみ  Please head to @_hitomix for cosplay updates ❤ - This account is slowly becoming my personal dump -

Haven't dressed up for a while and here I am using a wedding dinner as an excuse ✨✨✨ Had this dress lying around for quite some time and I finally have the chance to use it
It's my first time wearing a long dress but I'm glad I had a suitable pair of heels to make me look taller hhhhhh

Is he.. Judging me eue

Alpaca Cafe last Friday!! It was my first time seeing Alpacas in real life so it was a good experience! They're so fluffy and soft to touch uwu

Swipe for more pictures (of me) + some alpacas uwu

#oiaartcafe #alpaca #alpacasofinstagram #alpacacafe #taiwan #taipei #holiday

Happened to chance upon Godiva 1 for 1 😋😋😋
#godiva #holiday #taipei

Flying off to Taipei ✈✈ #holiday #taipei #taiwan

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

Happy Chinese New Year!

Life goal complete!!!! Eating an entire sashimi chunk 😂😂

Thank you @__hikarin for organizing the fanmeet today! I'm so happy to finally have the chance to meet you up close and personally!! ;w;

Had a great deal of fun today, the drawing game was hilarious and your drawings are really cute!! Please rest well and I hope to see you again in one of the events in Singapore! 💕💕💕

Who am I? Am I not unique? Maybe I'm not here at all.

#selfie #throwback #throwbackselfie

With @yui930, @knitemaya and @_hakkencoser_ today at CharaExpo!

It was nice meeting Knitemaya again! Thank you for your concern just now ;w; I'm saddened that I had to cosdown so early because of my injury but I'm still glad we managed to rush down for your autograph session!

一直想跟YUI谈话不过没机会 ;w; 想说的就是我是2013 Cosmos活动的PSYCHO-PASS朱妹,不晓得YUI还记得我吗 ;w;

第一次本身遇到Hakken! 好帅的及川哦!! 排球少年最喜欢的脚色就是他了;w;

Please have a good rest and hopefully you will come back to Singapore again soon!!
请大家好好休息,希望下次能再回来新加坡!! #charaexpo #charaexpo2017

Selfie with @knitemaya yesterday ;w;

Thank you so much for the selfie! Was so happy to hear that you ship ShuAke 😂 See you later!

#charaexpo #charaexpo2017

Donned a yukata and experienced a Japanese tea ceremony today!
So many formalities to follow but it was fun!

We even made our own green tea to drink 😊😊 #japaneseteaceremony #yukata #kimono #japan #tokyo #japanese #teaceremony

Feeling sick and tired of everything right now