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~The Fandom Boy~  ~Ben X Toby Shipper~Taken~Weird~Just enjoying life as it goes~This is a fandom account~Expect Spam~In too many fandoms~A total bitch~He/Him~

Honestly my mood half the time.

Reverse Falls might be my new theme xD

Love Yuri <3


Opal uwu

I drew my OC Suicidal Sam uwu

I'm pretty sure this is a college or school AU but still I love it! It's so adorable ackkkk I just could admire these all day uwu

Pokemon!Voltron AU :3
I love this so much!! They're pokemon defintely fit them very well and just AHHH I love the art

This week is gonna be all about Klance OWO Cause Klance is fucking LIFE

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