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Karan Patel💘🔥  Welcome to the world of Karan Patel❤🔥meet me🙋🏼‍♀️ a jabra fan girl who is madly, deeply in Love with Karan❤ Karan sirf star nahi DUNIYA HAI MERI❤🌏

Cannot see you as Grandpa😞😑

#Repost @aru.divan with @repostapp ・・・ My show was all about respecting women and it touched on a topic so sensitive and took care of it for 500 + episodes and soon after that it started spiraling downwards . The way it went wasn’t any palatable but at least bearable to some extent but today it’s just down right outrageous, regressive and pathetic. Yes I am saying this .
Raman hated shagun in the beginning but Ishitha thought him to respect her immaterial saying “hatred is also an emotion” and he changed for good. He loved Ishitha for what she was and not for once did her inability to bear kids even affected him. He did everything to make sure no one used the word “bhaanj”. That was his true character
Ishitha as such was strong woman who would stand against anyone who did not respect her for what she is and gave it back to them when needed. She respected shagun but kept her at Bay because she was biologically related to the kids she loved more than her own. She was truly JKR.
Today the same yhm is pathetic & I mean my word. Raman does not think twice to call Ishitha a bhaanj & wishes for her to remain one in all her 7 births. Fantastic ! The actors and PH expect us to support this crap ? And as always Ishitha staying alone crying for her kids and bear whatever her Husband says without speaking a word & get slapped. Whereas a lady who did not think twice to abandon her Husband & baby is the real Mother. What is the show even trying to convey ? There need not be any ethics in a marital relationship or can women be treated like a piece of shit ? Sorry I don’t want a show that was all about love beyond blood & much more get butchered so royally. It bloody bothers me so bad.
To the fans who are demanding a change in track ? Are you even for real. Isn’t the whole thing so sick to palette that a change of track will make you forget anything? All this for what ? A few likes & a post ? Bull crap. Start using your head for heaven sake. Learn to stand up even against your favs if something they are supporting is wrong. Love your favs unconditionally but don’t go blind. Call me whatever you want not going to bother. #EndYHM will go on.
#yhm #stopbeingblind #ishra

Ishita u need to fcuk the hell off😊
No offence to Div❤❤

I wish they would've ended it here 😊
These two deserve much more😭

I agree!
@anuishradivanx ・・・ ALRIGHT.
Got a little bit of ranting to do.
So I see a lot of people going on about fans trending #EndYHM. Honestly, can you blame them? Those who feel this is not right, how are you even going to justify the show YHM is right now? Is this the show we loved? Are these the characters we loved over these years? So after through every track of YHM literally begging the makers & everyone possible to give us like even a little sensible, what do we get? It’s worse. As fans do we have self respect at all? YHM screws us, has screwed us over and over since surrogacy, and what have we done? Let it do that. Because we always let it go. How many times have we tried to put our foot down only to get coerced back into the show? I think as fans we have had enough of seeing our fav characters, our fav couple go to shit. I cannot relate to #IshRa anymore. Not after what happened. THAT WAS NOT OKAY. Even for PLAN.
NO. It’s that bad. And if you think what’s happening in YHM is okay. Then wake the HELLUP. ITS NOT.
The fans who are trending aren’t for fun or because we don’t have anything better to do, it’s for YHM. Bcz YHM was something else & Divan deserve better than this regressive shit on tv. It’s as simple as that.
Now coming back to the story line, as expected Adi is back & alive, so it was all a drama, for what? I DONT KNOW. Fun? They broke our hearts, broke everything to the extent of no return & now its damage control. Drama!
If this drama was really that necessary, couldn’t it been have done in a better way than destroying everything? It could have been. There’s been drama before. But They did it anyways, now it’s supposed to be okay? Right. If we as fans have even an ounce of love for this show & the actors and the characters. Take a STAND and let them not do this.

Kindly, stop preaching & hating on the people who are trying to Atleast save YHM, be it by it ending because it’s better for it to end than turn into the garbage it has become now. If you love DT & KP, you know in your heart, they deserve so much better than this. Ishita & Raman as people who are loved deserve so much better than this.

#Repost @swetha.kaypee ・・・ What the Fcuk dude..! Have you lost it? He’s just pushing her down the stairs in front of her daughter and walking away as if nothing happened🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬verbal attack to now assault 😒😒😒🤬 Please change your title. It doesn’t suit you any more 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 You’re definitely losing the least percentage crazy fans also..! you deserve the hashtag #EndYHM

PS - Even if it’s a dream. It’s not acceptable. Brutal..! Just for the sake of drama, don’t kill your characters. Again don’t forget your roots. Everything you show has an effect

Why does always Raman hates Ishita, after every leap; har baar Raman hi kyu naraz hota hai?! Why cannot Ishita hate Raman once? Ishita kyu naraz nahi hoti? Kyuu😥

Div: she's cute😍
K: She is cuter when she has beard😂❤
I miss Kp's one liners tho🤣
@karan9198 @divyankatripathidahiya why so cute u both?😍❤

All smiles🤗🖤

This really made my Day😭🖤

Good Morning peeps😘
Such a Lovely picture this is😍❤ Congratulations Ronita😍😘🖤
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