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X-Change  I’m Rich 💰💵🤑 Click below to listen ⤵️

I’m Rich💰💵🤑 (link in bio) PS. I had a lot of fun making this one hope you all enjoy it 🙏

#TBT Back when I was a student at the University of Michigan, I remember getting a call to DJ a pre-game party for the Michigan vs. Michigan State game and told my mom we have to make a banner!!! She helped me cut out and iron on this lettering so I could hang it off the balcony while I DJed - Moms are the fricking best and #GoBlue 🏈

So many decisions … but I always try to go for the healthy options 🍓🍳

Happy hump day!! Who needs a drank? 🍺🍹

This 1966 Stingray Corvette 😍

Taking it back to the old school

Smile - it’s Friday 😁

Date night with Marilyn 🤩

I’m overwhelmed by all the feedback I’ve gotten this week from everyone on our group XSN’s new single “How You Feel” - Every text, DM, WhatsApp & tweet means the world to me - you guys put this smile on my face 🙏 🙏

I've made a lot of songs over the years but this might be my favorite one I've ever made.
It all started last October when @shayonmusic and myself were in the studio finishing another few mixes. I was like yo Shay what if we did something that resembled the video games we grew up with and loved. I found a cool pluck sound we liked and Shay played a few things on the keyboard. When I heard this melody I was instantly like "That's It man that's the one" We recorded it put some rough drums around it and moved on.
I kept opening the session over the next few months and loved loved loved the melody and tried to build a full song around it. The drop section never grabbed me though. We re-did the drop like 7 or 8 times over the next few months. Then we needed vocals on it. We spent a few months looking for a vocalist to write to it but nothing stuck.
So I told Shay yo man let's meet up in the studio for like an 8 hour day and give this song one last shot with the drop and me and you just write the vocal then and there and you cut it to be the vocalist on it. He was like "yeah cool man let's do it.”
So we met up and all of a sudden we're working on 3 computers, my laptop for the main core of the song, his laptop for chopping the drop elements and the studio computer for recording the vocals. And then it all magically came together.
Shay was in the vocal booth doing rough takes and singing some melodies and rough lyrics and all of a sudden it just came together and boom we had the verses and hook. Cut them then and there and are the final takes. But I wanted the vocal to be different so we put it into a vocoder and started f**king it up with different stuff to give it a vibe and layering the crap out of it. Then we chopped the drop and put it all together on my laptop for a rough mix and called it a day.
The next morning I got up heard what we had and was just like "this is dope this is what the song needed" did the first mix / master and sent it to Shay. I got a call back like 5 minutes later from @niccimusic who was in the car with Shay and she was like "yo I need to be on this song with you guys" I was like "hell yeah let's make it a duet and layer you guy

How I feel about my new song “How You Feel” dropping tomorrow (see what I did there 😝) 📷: @claudiacohen (the best intern ever who demands photo credits on every picture she ever took)

😘 Bae

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