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*John Purdy (Ex)*  Currently listening to: "Holiday" by Green Day . . . . . #trumpskilljoys


FeelsBirthdayMan to you, @insert1dollar!

I decided to make my first new lyric art in over a month. Please let me know if you like it! @greenday ...
#lyricart #music #greenday #holiday #ArmageddonFlame

Finally got the achievement! #feelsgoodman

This is a serious post, about a serious topic. .
What I did was wrong. My mean comments about Logan are both rude and unacceptable. I became the person I never wanted to be... an internet troll, an asshole, a judge for a case that I have no part in. For that, I would like to apologize to Logan, his family, and his friends. While I will not excuse his actions, it isn't my place to be another unnecessary mouthpiece. This is my promise to anyone I may have hurt or offended that I will strive to never repeat my actions again. I would also like to thank those of you who told me what I was doing, and why it was wrong.
To Logan, to his family, to his friends... I'm sorry for my part in this difficult time.


I am sick. Pls send help.

It's been too long!

#visitWVU #jakeisthebesttourguide
I expect to see some love, mate.


Oh yes this is a great place to eat.

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