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Marcus and Martinus❤  German MMer❤ 〄 Tinus Angel🍌❤ 13.04.2017 Start❤ HSLPAKATJNYE❤ My Imagines should help you and give you the feeling that you are special🌅❤

Ai ai❤️🔥🥰💙70 comments??👀

Ufff I fell asleep two times while writing this...💙65 comments again??

Ayyy I hope you reach the 70 comments again??💙👀😌 (involved two of my babe‘s into the story again hehe)

@bae.gunnarsens pfff you crazy cutie, you also got an exam tomorrow if I remember right?💙🤣sorry guys, I wanted to write another part today, a long one😂who needs sleep?🤷🏼‍♀️💪🏻70 comments??💙💙💙

Your support is getting greater and greater...😍💙💪🏻65 again? But please hit them tomorrow this time😂I planned to sleep this night !!

Like promised!💙aaaahhhh so clumsy Martinus... to find her reaction out, hat about 65 comments?🤷🏼‍♀️

Duhhhh💙👀probably 60 comments so I can post the next part today?

@anna_jvle good luck in your math test tomorrow💕☺️🍀 ~> Part 6 = 60 comments?❤️

ayyy❤️🔥55 comments again?🙈

Short part, 55 comments?🤷🏼‍♀️🙈💙

Part 2!! Probably 50 comments? Is that possible?💕 Pic credits to: @lovingtroforss 💭💕

New story or just a few parts?🐳💙

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