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Marcus and Martinus❤  German MMer❤ Tinus Angel🍌❤ 13.04.2017 Start❤ Best Internetfriends ever❤ My Imagines should help you and give you the feeling that you are special🌅❤

Part 1 for @girlmmer_czech 💖💜I really hope that you like your Personal, Part 2 today but I can't tell when exactly!🙋🏼‍♀️❤@marcusandmartinus #Drama #Romantic #Marcus

Last Part for @marcusandmartinus_france21 I really hope you like it❤❤🙈😅😂😘@marcusandmartinus #Drama #GoodEnd #Martinus

Part 1 of @marcusandmartinus_france21 Personal Imagine❤☄hope you like it!🙈😘💞@marcusandmartinus

Last Part for @ioanna.hliou ❤💞I hope you like it...wish me luck for tomorrow, Chemistry exam❤☄💞🙈ly, good night! @marcusandmartinus

Part 1 personal for @ioanna.hliou 💜❤🤞🏻sorry that it takes so long, tomorrow is one of the last exams those weeks. Wish me luck in Chemistry!❤😂🤦🏼‍♀️😘🔥❤🙈📘🖋 #cute #funny @marcusandmartinus

🤞🏻❤Together Forever❤🤞🏻

MEIN MUFFEL IST 15!!!😂😍😂❤🤞🏻❤❤❤❤🤞🏻❤🤞🏻❤🤞🏻❤🤞🏻❤🤞🏻❤🤞🏻❤🤞🏻❤🤞🏻❤SHAIMA MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!😂🤞🏻❤Joke. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't really explain how important you are to me💞we went through so much together and this is gonna stay like... Forever? Bby, you are one of my best friends ever and 2018 will be our first hug I know it!!😍❤😂and now, go and party!! Get drunk, just don't puke on me😂🤞🏻❤🙈ly, fatass😂😚😏🍑❤😆@troforskings @a1.shaima (wish her Happy Birthday and Yes I overslept posting this :)) @marcusandmartinus

Milla is such a cutie❤😭she has a heart disease and still makes Competitions and give aways to MMers!!! This time she gives us the Chance to win a Video of M&M, so amazing!!!❤😍😱I don't know Milla private, but I already know that she has the heart on the right Place! @millamyjak ❤😍keep on fighting, angel!!!💞

Ⓜ️❤Through and through MMer and supporter❤Ⓜ️

Last Part of 'The Cold Shoulder...' thank you all so so much for all the support during the Story! So many comment numbers were hit and it's incredible how you reacted on every single Part. All I can say is... Thank you💓you are my Family and I can be proud to call you MMSisters or MMBrothers❤💋☄🌙🌌Love you!!😍❤💎@marcusandmartinus feat. @troforskings #Marcus #Story #LastPart #Firefly #MMFamily #Love ❤❤❤

Part 29!!! The next Part is the last Part so fucking DESTROY the comment section with 150 COMMENTS! YOU CAN DO IT!!!❤❤❤😍😭💋 @marcusandmartinus

Part 28...❤😍I guess the next Part is gonna be last, maybe the penultimate part❤let's say... 110 Comments?❤🦀@marcusandmartinus

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