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Wynter 󾓪  20 y.o. London #1 UK lifter raw w/wraps 67kg 515kg/1135lbs total 527 wilks

#FBF - 212.5kg/468lbs squat at 19 years old.
People have asked me if i've "quit" powerlifting because I've chosen to go down the body building route this year.. I always give the same response: powerlifting will always be the end game! My decision to go into body building was multifactorial:
• strengthen smaller/lagging muscles
• drop fat
• learn some DISCIPLINE!
I know I have the patience and willpower to see this plan through. I have world class goals in this sport and it's not a matter of how I'm going to achieve them- it's just a case of when 😉

Finally got to train with my bodybuilding coach @fitnessfanatic2016 at @yorkysgymsw17 ❤️❤️❤️ This summer is gonna be my time 😉💅


From chubby and tanned to jacked and pale 🤣 .

From hiding my face in pictures to glo'ing it up every day 💅 ..

This is more than just a physical transformation... It's one of CONFIDENCE 🙌🙌🙌

I will become my own superhero 💃

One year of NON-LINEAR progress.. .

Jan 2017 -> Feb 2018 .
What do I mean by "non-linear"? Well, between the two pictures there is only a net difference of 2kg (heavier on the right too!) but the year between the two pictures consisted of several bulks and cuts done very harshly and unsustainably. .

Taking some time out of powerlifting to focus on body recomposition has been the healthiest decision I have made. In the past, I would "carb up" the day before a heavy session because I was so scared of losing strength - but the overeating completely negated that week of eating in a deficit, erasing any progress I had made. .

Now, I'm all about balance. I've learned to identify the days when my appetite is higher than it should be and my energy is lower than usual (typically due to PMS or lack of sleep) so I can mentally prepare myself for the struggle ahead. It's been said a million times before but this time around it really hit home for me: CONSISTENCY is the key to seeing results 😉

Rocking an outfit full of bright colours to make up for the horrible English weather 🙂🙂🙂🔫 On a more positive note, today marks one month of unfaltering progress since I started working with @fitnessfanatic2016 on my diet and I couldn't be happier with the way things are going💃❤️

If I were to do a BB show this summer, what class would you like to see me in? ☺️ (I've never competed before)

My glutes are sore as hell today and the only change I made to my last glute workout was the addition of these babies (unfortunately my home gym doesn't have a GHR 😭). My posterior chain is always playing catch up but now I'm leaning out it's starting to look like I have more muscle there than I thought 😊🙏

Three sets of pull ups to finish off my workout. Reps were 10, 8, 7... Small improvements from last week 😎

I love this one piece from @hm so much I had an entire photoshoot with it 😂 so swipe <--- to look at it in different angles as well as a close up of my beat face💅💅💅

Anyone else feel like their squats are stronger at a lower body weight?
Hit a PB today even though I trained both fasted and caffeine-free #whyudodis😭 .

150kg/330lbs for 8 🤸 w/ @angelaraujotattoo @iisylviaii 😘

Sometimes I'm like hell ya let's just get strong n thicc 💪 other times I miss having definition and fitting into my clothes.. here's to all of you who are chasing both strength and aesthetics🍻 #powerbuilding

Rep PB 🙌
Plz tag ur fav gym bro so he can tell me how worried about my spine he is

90kg/198lbs for 3 sets of 8

Are you really an Arab if your makeup doesn't make you look like you face planted into a bowl of ink???💃

My page isn't for adverts and I don't usually do this kinda thing but I just wanna give a massive shout out and thank you to @platformready for being such awesome sponsors. They've taken my advice on female clothing into consideration to avoid common problems (bra lat-hangovers, camel toes etc😂) and so far their clothes have been TOP QUALITY. Ladies keep an eye out for upcoming sports bras and shorts because I know for a fact they won't be disappointing😍

So this is to remind you all that tonight there's a PRESALE! At 7:00pm (GMT) you can head over to their website and grab all yo favourites before they sell out. That's in half an hour folks so don't miss ittttt 🤙🤙🤙🤙


Whenever I have to teach someone to squat I start with the same thing that I was taught: that the most tiring part of a squat isn't the actual squat itself: It's the breathing, bracing and getting tight under the bar. You'd be surprised at how difficult some people find it... But the best way to learn is to start off beltless and watch the stomach distend just like it is in this video.
At 16y/o I got my squat up to 130kg with brute strength and absolutely no bracing. I also relied HEAVILY on my belt. My lower back/SIJ issues manifested then and I couldn't squat anything above one plate for a year.

Then I met up with @fazlifts who taught me how to "pizza belly" (breathe and brace). That same day I got up to two plates painlessly for the first time in what felt like ages. From then on I did beltless only squats until I felt healthy enough to start prepping for a meet and two years later I smashed 180kg comfortably without any form degradation. Beltless squatting should not feel like the hardest thing in the world - if it does then it may be a good idea to start working on it.

Fun fact about me: I LOVE dancing!!! .

I remember how my favourite part of the day in primary school was when me and my friends would all gather in the playground and dance to music playing from the radio🎶🎶 I dance errrywhere. In the gym, at home, on the toilet...I kid.😂 I've had people look at me funny, people tell me to "just stop" 🙄 but more often than any of those I get loadsa love and positive comments about my confidence❤️ The ones who grimace and judge are usually the ones who are super insecure about themselves...but that attitude makes people too embarrassed to even try. I say fxck em! If you have legs, you can dance!💃

I said 2k17 was gonna be my year in powerlifting and it was. I told you all 2k18 is gonna be the year I get shredderz and I will stick by my word 😉

@platformready are looking after me so well 😍 maybe a lil too well... defo feeding my ever growing obsession with matching colours 😇

Got 🐎?

Unexpected rep PB last night ☺️ I always like to AMRAP on my last bench set just because why not 🤩

85kg/187lbs for 15 (after 3x8) w/ @kingfists

Just a gentle reminder to..


Hands up🙋 those of you who (like me) have always been lazy with taking your vitamin D, fish oils, iron, etc.. .
So many of us do it despite the mountains of research pointing towards their benefits, as well as the dangers of their deficiencies🤦 .

But they don't make you "feel different" right? .

Or maybe you're just a pessimist! 😞

That constant fatigue or low mood you have could be due to various deficiencies ⬆️↗️➡️↘️

Why am I blabbering on about this? Well, mostly procrastination from studying..😂 but in all unobscured, 100% truth I have noticed a huge improvement in cognition, quality of sleep and overall energy since @fitnessfanatic2016 got me taking supps (check my story for deets☝️) . .

P.S... If you are doubtful about the efficacy of certain supplements, a great source to use is examine.com 🤓 they have a huge database of results from various experiments as well as meta-analyses about the effectiveness of a wide array of different supps so will help save💰💰💰

I never know how to answer questions like "how do you stay motivated to go to the gym?" .

Lifting has always and will always be a leisure activity for me. The gym is a place to clear my head and get my fix of endorphins, so most of the time I don't have to find the willpower to go.

Having said that, if you are struggling to go to the gym it may be that you have associated a feeling of dread or anxiety with it. I have had this in a previous gym - not that there was anything wrong with the gym itself, but when I was lifting there I was in a bad space mentally. Even the music I listened to then has been deleted off my playlist because of the negative associations I have with that time of my life.

So here's my advice: .

Make sure you enjoy being at the gym. That's the first thing. If that means losing or gaining a training partner: do it. .

Secondly, never force yourself to compete in anything unless you really want to! I took a whole year out of competing in powerlifting which made me fall in love with the sport all over again in 2017. .

Go at your own pace, don't let yourself be pressured by your coach or gym buddies. Remember, it's your journey. No one else's 🙂

Take 2 🎥 of yo boy tryna get this posing shiznicks down cos if I'm gonna be an aesthetic powerlifter I've gotta learn to pose💃

iiiiiiiiignoring the fact that I'm still the captain of team flat af feet and hyperlordosis but we working on it one intervertebral disc at a time 🙂🤟 #teamFFHL #whoswimme

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