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❤︎❤︎  dance moms is my happy place (im still active i just don’t post edits anymore lol)

i haven't posted an edit in like forever wow. i missed editing and a couple people asked me to post edits again so why not. anyways this is kinda a sloppy edit but i hope you like it @kendallvertes
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just made this because tbh i LOVE these
who are you?❤
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heyo// this has been in my camera roll for like ever and i'm finally posting it! it's kinda crappy but oh well i'm excited bc chloe will be on dance moms soon and i hit 8k YASS! i don't think i'll ever get to 10k but i can hope lol. well enjoy 😂💗
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january 24th 2017 @ 12:00am

sorry for the crappy edit but... i can not believe it's your birthday! you don't know how long i've been waiting to make you this birthday edit and paragraph and it's FINALLY HERE!!! like i remember when we first met and you and i we were telling each other our birthdays and you said it was January 24th and i was so mad because it was the month after your birthday😂 but anyways i honestly don't even know what i would do without you! Your always there for me whenever i need it and i really appreciate everything you do for me! i'm annoying sometimes (more like all the time) but you always put up with me and that takes a lot lmao 😂. you've impacted my life SOOO MUCH in SUCH a great way since i met you! i love playing those games like truth or dare, 2 truths one lie, indirects, squads and SO MANY MORE BUT WE NEED TO DO THEM MORE OFTEN because they make my day so much better!! oh and did i mention we are BEST FRIEND GOALS! but anyways we dm almost everyday and without my daily dose of nick in my life would be sooo depressing(i'd die of boredom) OMG AND ITS ALMOST OUR ONE YEAR OF MEETING AND I CANT WAIT AHHHHHHHHHHHH IM GONNA LIKE THROW A PARTY AND MAKE AND EDIT A HUGE PARAGRAPH AND AHHHH! thanks for sticking with me through it all and being one of the greatest friends i've EVER had! but like ugh i can't believe we are in the same state rn and can't meet because that's honestly all i wanna do while i'm here. but that's okay we will someday i know it(: we have so many memories over text like sometimes i wanna scroll up to see our old messages but it takes me like 80 MILLION YEARS but it's okay it's worth it haha. anyways i hope today is the best day you've ever had and i hope you get to do everything you wanna because you deserve it more than anyone! your amazing, kind, smart and beautiful inside and out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! I LOVE YOU SO FRICKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤
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GO CHECK MY RECENTS I need advice please !! ❤
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this is the booklet! thank you to everyone who sent me a paragraph! im so excited for today! I can't believe i'm gonna meet abby, kendall, brynn, elliana, kalani and all the moms 😭❤
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one of the saddest days ever. this was my child hood and its over. im gonna cry guys this is tough 😭😭
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my puppy (Winnie) loves your bow bows so much jojo! It looks adorable on her and stays on her really well ❤️🐶
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hey guys!
wow I haven't posted
in like forever omg.
sorry I've been so
inactive lightly I've
been really busy.
I'll be more active now tho!
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hey guys!
today is a very special day...
ITS MADDIE ZIEGLERS BIRTHDAY!! I just wanna thank you for inspiring me so much! when I'm sad or having a bad day I watch you dance and it makes me feel 100 times better. You've come so far and have been doing so many amazing things since I started watching you on dance moms 6 years ago! I hope your day is as great as you are and I hope all your birthday wishes come true! Ilysm 💗
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I've got so many test today in school :( I hope I do good!! 😂😭❤️
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today is the best day ever! thank you so much @dancemommelissa31 @maddieziegler #dancemoms (Melissa liked and commented) ❤️

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