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Wyck House | Garden | Farm  National Historic Landmark house, garden, and farm that links traditional and modern-day ideas of family, preservation, nature, and sustainable living


'Celsiana' is a tall variety with antique pink, very open, semi-double flowers reputed to have the longest bloom time of the Damasks. So beloved was this rose in the neighborhood that colloquially it was called the Germantown Damask #AmericasGardenCapital #RosesOfWyck #hiddengem #floweroftheday

Read this amazing article on Terrain's blog. Then stop by our Rose Garden to smell the blooming roses for yourself!
#AmericasGardenCapital #Gardens #Roses @shopterrain

Noisette Rose, Rosa 'Champney's Pink Cluster' living up to its name. Noisettes are one of the few classes of roses to originate in America, being discovered and developed in 1802 on the rice plantation of John Champney in Charleston, South Carolina. This one is blooming, and reblooming, now. #roseoftheday #roses #AmericasGardenCapital #RoseGarden #RosesOfWyck

A praying mantis nymph, dwarfed by a rose petal. #naturephotography #AmericasGardenCapital #prayingmantis

Rosa rugosa, so named for its wrinkled leaflets, blooms sporadically throughout the summer after its first full spring flush. It's a plant commonly used for dune stabilization, and its orange-red hips are often called beach tomatoes! #RoseGarden #roseoftheday #AmericasGardenCapital #roses

Climbing on our iconic archway, Hybrid Multiflora Rose, Rosa 'Laure Davoust' is just starting to peek open. Full bloom can be expected in a few more days. #AmericasGardenCapital #roseoftheday #roses

What's unique about the Gallica classification of Old Garden Roses? The scent remains as strong in the dried petals as in the fresh, even after many years! Rose petals have many applications, from teas and rose water, to perfumes and potpourri, to tinctures and tonics. #AmericasGardenCapital #RoseGarden #RosesOfWyck

The Rose Tea party is just getting started! Enjoying this lovely weather and fantastic company

Marquise de Lafayette was received rapturously by the United States to celebrate the Declaration of Independence’s 50th anniversary. In gratitude for his service to the nation, President James Monroe invited Lafayette to tour all 24 states in the Union at that time. While in Pennsylvania in 1825, a party in his honor was hosted at Wyck during his stay in Germantown. It is thought that this rose was planted to commemorate that visit. This rose was previously undocumented until found growing at Wyck in 1973 when rosarian Leonie Bell suggested it be called ‘Lafayette’. #AmericasGardenCapital #RoseGarden #HiddenGems #RosesOfWyck

Thanks to all who made time in their holiday weekend schedules to support Wyck at our annual "Celebration of the Roses" open house! The party may be behind us, but the roses continue to bloom and we invite you to come see our collection of old and antique varieties, as well as the climbers that are just beginning to open. Pictured here is hybrid multiflora Rosa 'Aglaia', planted at Wyck prior to 1910 and also called 'Yellow Rambler'. #RoseGarden #AmericasGardenCapital #HiddenGems #RosesOfWyck

Vicki, who just finished her first year at Millersville University, led some amazing and enthusiastic tours of Wyck House today during Celebrate the Roses. #historicgermantown # historyiscool #millersvilleuniversity

Today is the day! Come join our Celebrate The Roses Open House to see all the wonderful roses we've posted all week long! There will be free tours of the house, crafts, homemade Rose tea and so much more! You can also bring a picnic blanket and basket and have a lovely lunch in our garden! #AmericasGardenCapital #RoseGarden #memorialdayweekend

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