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lost u 1 year ago today. what can I say? You shaped everything, the anger and the violence was there but also a real love for the great things of your time; jazz music the most important to you, always pointing me towards charlie parker coltrane miles bill evans, dinah washington and and lesser known peeps like shirley scott, jon faddis, curtis fuller, wardell gray, lennie tristiano, roland hannah, thad jones and more. It was quite the musical head start. I was taught to look up to these people like gods, as i read the liner notes of countless albums. You also took me to the hardware store and let me pretend to build shit with you and mow the lawn. and i never once saw you check out a waitresses body. Though I get the sense a lot was unresolved in you, and you had a worse temper than just about anyone i have ever seen which left many scars, there was a lot right with you and a decency and generosity that is rare. See you in 50 years!!!

wondertwin power

Our covers of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” and “The Bitch Is Back” are out now Xxx

maybe this is the last studio i build.......nahhhhhh!!!

Just do it

ring me bb

much love to all those I had the pleasure and joy of putting out jamz with this year

w8ing on a m8

Co production by @2faust2furryous

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