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WXPN  Member-supported radio from the University of Pennsylvania! Check out live concert coverage on The Key.

The new LIVE AT THE @worldcafe VOL. 44 is coming soon, and it features amazing performances by @brandicarlile @nathanielrateliff @missmargoprice @natalieprass @firstaidkitband @sunflowerbean @sunnywarmusic and so much more. It’s available for preorder with your donation now...link in bio!

@mtjoyband crammed in all the hits at today’s #FreAtNoon ahead of its @uniontransfer show tonight. Recap on The Key. Link in bio. 📷: Rich McKie / WXPN.
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What are ya doing up there @diplo ?

Have you gotten a chance to listen to @hobojohnson yet?? Let us know what you think.

Wow! Shout out to @turnstiletribe for putting one of the most energetic set of @miafest 📸 @racheldelsordo

‪A super engaging set by @alessiacara is happening right now at #MadeinAmerica. A powerful voice, relatable songs, and a charismatic presence at the mic = ‬simply the best. 📸: @johnvettese #alessiacara #madeinamericafestival #philly

We refuse to believe there is anyone at #MadeInAmerica who is not completely in love with Canadian singer @danielcaesar after that incredible performance. 📸: @johnvettese #madeinamericafestival #danielcaesar #philly

It’s been a madhouse racing from stage to stage today but we’re so glad we got this set from @jparkitrighthere in the mix! #madeinamericafestival 📸: @johnvettese

Rapper @kingpush hyping the crowd @miafest

LA’s @tydollasign crooning and commanding the crowd at #madeinamericafestival’s Liberty Stage. 📸: @johnvettese

Philly rapper Kur brings the heat to the #madeinamericafestival skate stage. 📸: @johnvettese

Philly rapper @zahsosaa has the crowd moving at #madeinamericafestival. 📸: @johnvettese

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