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Wes Scarpias  Martial ARTist in Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. Actor, Mover, & Creator. Always seeking a veggie burger. Twitter, FB - WushuWes YouTube down below!


This is Mia the Chihuahua rescue, she is a love bug that likes to pee on the rug. In about a month she is mostly potty trained except for my fake fur rug, mostly doesn't destroy things but has an affinity for shoes, and really just wants to snuggle. She can sit, come and she's not bad at staying, she can also walk off leash with minimal distractions. Today she stole an essential oil, bit off the lid and hid it under the couch. Sometimes she can be a basic bish but her best friend is a 🐈 so you can't blame her.
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June 3rd was my one year anniversary with #cirquedusoleil so here is another make-up concept done the #cirqueway so lucky to be a part of such an amazing company :) if you haven't seen our martial arts act yet, come check it out!

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This is Zuzu she is the sweetest cat I have ever met. She is a purring machine. Always making me laugh and ALWAYS up for a cuddle. If you haven't noticed she has basically taken over my Instagram story. #sphynx #sphynxcat #sphynxkitten #wushuwes

Lifes best medicine, comrades​ in crime, dance partners, shoulders to cry on, pillows to sleep on, happy to do everything, happy to do nothing, sound advice, free therapy, they share your joys, they share your sorrows, they share your life, friends are the bright shiney lights that illuminate the best parts of yourself and remind you to work on your worst. So grateful for this bunch.

When your best friend gets married to the woman of his dreams.

#zumanity by #cirquedusoleil has a 9 day dark starting tomorrow and we are going​ out the #cirqueway
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Last night was a soul session and my soul was ready for it. There is beauty right in front of your eyes you just have to see it. When people are open with you and intimate and let who they are shine through it's gorgeous. The community to be found among my fellow artists is vitalizing, it's the wind beneath my wings. So thankful! @de_vonmccullough beyond grateful to you for creating that space, and @kevin_medlin we were all there because of you!
Love this new make-up concept for #zumanity
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Peters Shadow.

Laundry day.

Finding the person you can be weird with is not weird at all.
@kaitireese thanks for being an amazing partner in crime, you're just beautiful!
@chaseethereal @allenchels @de_vonmccullough
You guys are everything!
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Y'all I have not been myself for quite some time and did not realize it until last Thursday when it hit me like a brick wall. I am so damn thankful for the shift. I truly believe that we are only given what we can handle and the universe thinks that I am strong AF because she hit me hard. I lost my mojo somewhere along the way- now don't get me wrong, I have so much groove most people wouldn't notice, but in all seriousness it was bad and now it's great. We should talk about stuff like this, everyone tries to front so hard and when you tell the truth publicly you aren't mysterious enough or you seem unstable. As far as the mystery goes I could write you 100 novels and you would not know a spec of my soul and as far as stability- you wouldn't even see me teeter. People go through things. It's how you go through them and how you come out on the other side. I lost track of my thoughts, I let my perspective out for a hunt. I chained those fuckers back up and they work for me again.

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