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#chefumai #umaicrate #japancrate @japancrate This is my entry for the chef umai contest! I made the delicious myojo chukazanmai instant ramen, and you would not know it's instant at all, the noodles taste fresh and have a spring to them! I cooked the noodles to package directions and decided to add shredded rotisserie chicken for a meat component, cut up scallion and carrots for down to earth freshness and a sunny side egg to warm it all up! I also added a sprinkling of nori komi furikake for that seaweed taste that we all love in our bowl. ^_^ 10/10 ramen #chefumai #umaicrate

When you go to get a take and bake pizza and say you want thin crust with olive oil and garlic sauce and for toppings you want sun dried tomatoes because you're fancy as shit and also ask for chicken spinach and feta cheese with normal cheese he looks up and says is that all and sees your manly beard and says say no more and dumps the entire bucket of bacon on your pizza. #bosslife #pizza #papamurphys #thincrust #spinach #feta #cheese #sundriedtomatoes #chicken #bacon #pig #delicious #dinner #beard #beardgang #man #like #love #time #cook #coolkids #itslit

When you at a bar with the guys and you're playing pool but like to party sober so you order a big Mountain Dew but you know sharing is caring so you make sure you grab two straws and don't even need to say no homo because homies over hoes