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Sri Wulandari Guritno  Actress Producer Entrepreneur wulanguritno.lee@gmail Alkimia @poetrespa @poudreid @kokoaandco @chokocha.id @mahabywg @cultivar_coffee

flowers bloom hope .. in you @sharazaaa i saw all my hopes and dreams ,for the future begin to blossom .. happy birthday beautiful flower 🌻

like a rosebud blooming on a warm summer's day ..
like the sunshine on your face, as the clouds drift away ..
like the beauty of a sunset, as it tells us all goodnight .. you have the gift of God ,and the heart of an angel .. i've watched you grow into the amazing woman you are today ..
and with each passing year ,you continue to blossom beautifully and strong yet soft in every aspect even more .. my dear,
bloom to a flower that's difficult to find and impossible to forget ..
dont think of competing but just bloom ..
but remember real flower olso let other flowers to grow .. happy birthday my beautiful flower
a wonderful person ,has a wonderful life ,and so shall you .. love you like no words can describe
- mama -

daughters are like flowers
they fill the world with beauty .. happy birthday beautiful flower @sharazaaa

thank you for the beautiful Indonesia nature and cultural journey ..
until next time ❀ .. ..... #plataranborobudur
#borobudur #magelang
#jawatengah #beautifulindonesia
#naturejourney #culturaljourney
#backtonature #indonesia

look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better ..
..... #wulanguritno

another tour de village πŸ€—

hey there handsome 😍


a ride with my gurl ⭐

my @londonabigaildimitri 😍

hibernating glow 😍


beautiful place surrounded with breathtaking scenary .. @pl.heritageborobudur

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