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Wu Chuanfu  Member of CN weightlifting head coach of SIN weightlifting&SWF PB S157&C190 high quality online training - gwuchuanfu@163.com gwuchuanfu@gmail.com

12345678,22345678,32345678,42345678 👀👀👀That day, visit the youth training center in Fujian Province china #chinaweightliftingtrip #chineseweightlifting #weightlifting #singaporeweightliftingfederation #Fuzhou #FuzhouWLcamp

45kg BW 12 years old girl- back squat 105kg what do you think?
Is it good habits to push knees in ? In fact, we do not need to be tangled in this. push knees in is the natural reaction . As we can see there are a lot of high level lifter they do it same way when they going to heavy weight ( back squat or clean or in competition )
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#FuzhouWLcamp #Fuzhou #FuBarbell #singaporeweightliftingfederation #singaporeweightlifting #chineseweightlifting #weightlifting #chineseweightlifting #chinaweightliftingtrip

Our training camp-
always learn something new from them
1-2- Chenwenbing - head coach of china national weightlifting team ( earlier 2017)
3-DengZhongfu head coach of Fujian youth team .
4- wanjianhui- Olympic champion 69kg BW Lin Chingfeng and world champion 62KG BW ZhangJie's coach
5- songjiawen coach of china national weightlifting team
6- jixingyuan coach of fujian Ma Wei Training base
7- world champion and our students

All in our training camp 😎#Repost @dianefu (@get_repost)
Li Fabin (56kg BW, 2012 Asian Champ) cleaning 160kg. That's almost three times bodyweight!
Bonus Edit: the dude in the blue talking to him afterwards is his coach. He also coaches Wu Jingbiao as well. The athlete to coach ratio in China is typically pretty small. How this is determined is simple, each coach recruits his own athletes and then takes them on to develop them until they are ready to move up to a higher level training center in which case another coach will take them on at that point.
#FuBarbell #Fuzhou #ChinaWeightlifting #singaporeweightliftingfederation #chinaweightliftingtrip #chineseweightlifting

Get a gift from Zhang Jie today 😎😎😎👍👍👍

#Repost @dianefu (@get_repost)
Wu Jingbiao and Deng Wei performing the ever controversial bendy back stiff-legged deadlift. You'll see two different versions here where Wu Jingbiao has built up to a heavy load with low volume and Deng Wei is on her finisher set of low load and high volume. The thinking behind the Chinese training system is to build a well rounded body so the bendy back deadlift has merits in training musculature that you won't hit with traditional fixed back deadlifts.
In Zuhai last year, the juniors were performing this exercise as well with low load and high volume post training and the coach there was saying that they spend so much in extension that this also allows for some decompression of the spine. In this aspect, it reminds me more of a Jefferson Curl. I'll get @roopsihota to demo one at some point; but until then, check this video for reference: https://youtu.be/-AYwOuNBzqk
(Link in bio for next 24 hours).
Bonus Edit: Deng Wei is part of @awesome_weightlifting team that posts about the national team members of this base. Give them a follow for more information!
#FuBarbell #FuzhouWLcamp #ChinaWeightlifting

Finally getting back to home. But we can't wait for next year. See you again guys #chineseweightlifting #FuzhouWLcamp #FuBarbell #weightlifting #chinaweightliftingtrip #singaporeweightliftingfederation

All in our training camp. We are very close to all the champions
#Repost @choonychoonz (@get_repost)
Fuzhou Training Camp (Day 11): It is our final day in Fujian Province's Weightlifting facility. Instead of training in the noon, we went for a short hiking trip with the asian champ and his friends. The view was fantastic and we even got to see the training from the mountain.
After that, we played basketball, badminton and tennis with some of them. Every thursday is their active recovery day, whereby they engage in activities that are outside the gym.
Wished i could train full time and have the same life as them. The fun in this training camp ends here. Gonna be flying back to Singapore and face reality soon

All in Our training camp 💪💪💪
#Repost @iamjwjw (@get_repost)
I see champions everywhere.
During the past week and a half at the Fujian Base of National Weightlifting in China, we've been fortunate to be training together with an elite group of athletes. With reference to an earlier post by @dianefu , these champions have been absolutely amazing to watch in action(and they are friendly too!).
As pictured above(from left to right):
Row 1:
- Zhang Jie: 62kg 2011 World Champion, 2011 & 2008 Asian Champion
- Wu Jingbiao: 56kg 2011 & 2010 World Champion, 2012 Olympic Silver
- Li Fabin: 56kg 2012 Asian Champion
Row 2:
- Yuan Chengfei: 77kg 2017 Asian Champion
- Deng Wei: 63kg 2016 Olympic Champion, 2015 & 2014 World Champion
- Huang Gaoming: 56kg 2016 World Youth Champion
Row 3:
- Zhao Yongchao: 85kg 2017 Asian Champ
- Lin Qinfeng: 69kg 2012 Olympic Champion, 2014 Asian Games Champion, 2011 Asian Champion
- Ding Jianjun: 62kg 2009 World Champion, 2015 Asian Champion
And I may have possibly missed a few 😅. But as Coach @wuchuanfu mentioned, it really showcases how the Fujian province has some of the best lifters in China and the world.

Had a good training session with the both guy ( Deng Wei Olp woman 63 kg gold medal & zhangjie men 62kg world champion ) thank you for the suggestions all you giving us 💪💪💪 #singaporeweightliftingfederation #chineseweightliftingtrainingcamp #FuzhouWLcamp #FuBarbell

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