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Yung A$AP Frontino  Snowboard boots are very comfy



It's time to take a step back in the right direction. Me and countless others pay HUNDREDS of dollars a year and over the years thousands just so I can ride the park but lately @holidayvalleyparks has been lacking big time. There are perfectly good features on the side of the hill and on top of fox fire. Yet, our terrain parks still have the same crappy features that everyone is bored of and a jump we can still barely clear and can not actually try many tricks on. It's time for a change and that change starts with all of us. Repost this as you like and be respectful to @holidayvalley but with the support of everyone on our side I believe we can change the parks for the better. I see parkcrew members who are hired that do absolutely nothing and it disgusts me to see the park so I'm maintained when there are more than enough parkcrew members that could be doing their job correctly. Currently fiddlers elbow (our main park) is a green circle.. meaning the easiest of hills. It is a terrain park. It should be labeled as a black diamond. There are far too many little kids and family's going through the park not understanding what it is, who get in the way, hurt others, and themselves. Something COULD be done about that.. but sadly again, has not. Get your act together management. Your just being lazy and irresponsible with your materials your tell us you don't have.

Welcome to your mind. @proteus_snowboarding sponsor me. #goonstuff #goonvision @vanforceone hoping my homie @visual_cheeks gets better soon!

Walking out to a winter wonder land. 📸: @pjfrontino

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Freestyle rapping out the new year. 📸: @sheaacrisss